Burnouts - What it is and how can it be managed?

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Burnouts can losely be described as a state (physical, mental, emotional, financial) during which an individual is tired, bored, demotivated, loses interest and generally unable and unwilling to be invloved in certain areas and/or aspects of their life.

What is a burnout?

Burnouts can occur both in our professional, personal and social life. Many people get burnt out as a result of the daily pressures of trying to meet up their obligations and responsibilities.
Long working and commuting hours, conflicts at home and in the work place, health problems are among the major causes of burnouts.

Burnouts can sometimes be self-inflicted when people indulge in negative life style habits and trends, eliminating the lines between social and personal life.
Burnouts affect the body creating numerous physical, mental and emotional problems including exhaustion, problems in relationships, decrease in productivity etc.

Burnouts can be managed and overcome in various ways.

1) Evaluating and Clarifying ones Priorities
The individual needs to confirm the most important values and things which matter to them and focus on them. Think about what would happen to your topmost priorities if one is incapacitated or falls ill. This should determine ones approach to work and private commitments.

2) Reduce Stress
This may be easier said than done, but it is very possible. With determination and a concious efforts, stress inducing environments and factors can be reduced. Adopting a simpler lifestyle, making efforts to balance personal and professional issues while at the same time associating with people who would be supportive.
Money and income are important but do not guarantee health and/or hapiness.
Where there is too much pressure in the workplace, positive steps to reduce works hours and /or responsibilities should be taken.

3) Make Changes
Make plans which suit numbers 1 & 2 above and commit to them.
Life style changes can be inexpensive and always enriching, create time for hobbies and interests outside work.
Lastly, professional help should be sort if necessary as trained counsellors can help people build up and work towards making positive changes to ones life. bu


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Sep 2014 (#)

Awesome post and one of a kind too, cheers!

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17th Sep 2014 (#)

Good article Wogiam, burnouts are commonplace and we need to be cautious. Great going!

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author avatar Courtney
17th Sep 2014 (#)

Great article!

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