Bust your Stress Effectively in 3 simple ways.

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This might be the page you want to read after that hectic day, when you are pissed off or just for future use :). These 3 techniques will Surely make an reducing impact on your stress. Get in and try 'em out!

A little clarification.

First and foremost, I would like to clear the line between "Good Stress and Bad Stress"
I would not go in detail but would tell you shortly that Good stress makes you feel motivated, it makes feel driven, happy, full of aim and none of things that bad stress do.

This page is about busting 'Bad stress' and discussion of helpful methods in nullifying its effects.


One day on a very pale,yellow and quite depressing afternoon, I thought about doing something that will make me feel better. Not to mention I was stressed, issues you know. Each living thing has plenty of them. Getting them is not bad, if you ask me, they help us to grow BUT, if you LET them grow onto you in the form of stress, it is BAD. Plain bad.

Not only it kills your valuable productive time, but more major than that, it might drive you into depression, edginess and ofcousre the loss of concentration and mental peace is guaranteed.

Now, really, considering how bad it is, that is what motivated to write this paper. Let's dig in.

Getting 'you' motivated

This is about getting you(the reader) motivated about reducing stress. It might seem funny, but when we are in stress actually, we rarely do anything to get rid of it properly.

I bet you have read many times and many tiny tips on stress busting, but when the actual situation comes, we use none of it. Why? The answer is simple, because we were stressed out already and lack the motivation to do it.

Enough of head banging. Let's List the things which are bad about stress.

1. Memory problems
2. Rapid Heartbeat
3. Malnutrition
4. Moodiness
5. Sense of isolation
6. Constant worrying
7. Unhappiness
8. Sleep. Sleeping more or less.
9. Usage of drugs for relaxation. This is really bad.
10. Nail biting, pacing, sweating.
11. Short temper
12. Agitation
.... There is a lot more to the list, but you get the general picture. I bet while reading the above list, you might have remembered those situations of stress and how you really behaved and felt that time.

It was not good

And that is why you want to get rid of it.


Now the crunchy part. Here are the 3 methods which I find most effective in stress relief. You can try them out for yourself depending on the situation.

1. Recall a past success and re-live it.
This one is a mind exercise. You can do it almost anywhere without even letting anyone know that you are doing it. The stealthy stress buster.

What to do exactly?
1. Take one large breath and exhale it slowly, after that, do it again. This will provide your body with more oxygen and ease the process, making you feel more alive.

2. If you can, close your eyes. If you can't/ if you are feeling just too edgy/ if you are not in an appropriate environment where you can close your eyes, then just withdraw from the work you are doing for a minute for this exercise.

3. Remember your past success, how you triempuhed over the others, that special feeling, that joy, "I am the King" Sense. Feel it, remember it, relive that moment in your mind. But remember, you are taking out time for yourself so do it slowly and carefully, Do not hurry. Go through each minute and tiny detail of that past moment, remember what everyone around you said, remember what you said to them, get lost in it.

4. Magically you will find that you are out of your stress and are feeling as lively and brand new!

Why does it work?
This works because of our subconscious mind. It does not know the difference between what we are thinking and what is real.

That is why you get water in your mouth just by looking at the lemon's picture. Because your subconscious mind things, it IS present in reality and hence body responds to it.

In the above technique this behavior or subconscious mind is exploited.

2. Talk with your best friend, comedian, friend, or to a random stranger, even!
Well, the last part might seem quite strange, but you should try it sometime to check the results.

Talking with your friend has some advantages, considering that he is in another environment and is not stressed.
Just talk about random things, or only asking how he is feeling would suffice.

Why this will work?
Because your friend is tuned to different frequency other than stress (hopefully) and will cheer you up. Quite simple.

3. Exercise.
If you are at home or in a viable environment, you should try some exercise, light one.
You can try yoga, or some pushups, some treadmill and like that.
Chances are, you will end up feeling rejuvenated.
Just make sure that you do exercise lightly.

Why this will work?
Exercise will increase your metabolism and blood flow, making your body gain more oxygen and ultimately busting stress, if you have not tried this out yet, you ought to!

Future scope

The future scope of this paper lies in more about 'Good stress' and also on more ways of tricking your subconscious into things for its own good.
You are welcome to add your input :)


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Jan 2014 (#)

I take a view - this will also pass. And also - what does not kill me, makes me stronger. Thanks for the tips and insight - siva

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author avatar SilentPsycho
19th Jan 2014 (#)

What does not kill me, makes me stronger. Yay. +1 to Siva for reminding me that excellent quote!!

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