Busy Life Creating Health Problems

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People all over the world are feeling the heavy tensions of life as they struggle to lead life comfortably. Increasing competition in almost every filed gives them restless days and problems of headaches are common with almost everyone here.

Mechanical Life

Life has changed a lot today as we do see people running around all the time. people are always busy and always occupied and doesn't even spare time for other important things in life. Health is getting effected by working continuously without much needed rest. There are many people who are only worried about work schedule as they tend to give less importance for other things in life. Money is also important here but it should not be gained by sacrificing health. People today seems to be focused only on earning more money to cope with increasing living cost as they seem to forget about their own health while focusing on money and this might lead to various diseases later on in life. Getting adjusted to mechanical life of today is giving sleepless nights to many people around the world. Life has to be a pleasure and not a burden. One has to enjoy life and not sacrifice everything and take undue tensions and unwanted health problems which will create more problems than anything else. One important thing one has to understand here is " If wealth is lost it can be gained back, but if health is lost everything is lost". Without good health, one cannot live happily today.

Relax and Enjoy

The most important factor one has to remember and also implement in this busy life today is to relax as well as enjoy. One needs to spend quality time with the family, friends and also try to attend parties, functions and also get time to play fro fun whenever there is time or create some time for this etc. People work like a machine these days and most of them even forget to take very important rest. Time has changed a lot today and because of the increased population, people are literally competing with one another. Life has become like a jungle life as people tend to fight for survival as most of them have become more selfish in their nature. One cannot be pessimistic today as those who are pessimistic will only wait for the right opportunity every time and when the right opportunities come, they also disappear too fast. It is the time of optimistic people and one has to be optimistic and aggressive in approach to find the right opportunity and act on it fast before others grab on it. One can remain active and energetic today only when he also takes enough rest in between and enjoys his life. By taking a break and moving out to distant places with family or even close set of friends will take you out of the regular busy life and you will be at your best at these times. On coming back from enjoyment, you can also perform to the best of your ability in your assigned work. Relaxing need not be traveling alone as listening to music, watching movie with close ones, playing with people and most of all- the time spent with kids are most enjoyable time for sure. Try to enjoy in your own way and be prepared for the future tasks in life

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author avatar Kingwell
21st Feb 2015 (#)

This is an excellent share and what you say here is very true. People no longer seem to have time to relax and enjoy life. I grew up in the 1940's and early fifties, a time much different from today. Blessings.

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author avatar sarosh
21st Feb 2015 (#)

Yes, life has become mechanical

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