But MOM! I did not do it on purpose!!!

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To look into that face, knowing he speaks the truth; ;the truth that is in his mind alone...


We work so hard as parents to ensure that our children do what they need to do to learn to live good lives. Happy lives, safe lives, and most of all successful lives.
Things happen that are out of our control as parents because we are not able to read the thoughts of those beautiful people that we are supposed to protect.
When my son Seth was 3 years old he was the most unreadable child I had ever seen in my ENTIRE life! I just never knew what he would do next.
Would it be a fire in the bedroom to cook his hot dogs while he was "camping" or would the overflow for the tub be blocked so he could swim. Maybe it would be the phone call to Granny because he was not getting his way, saying that Mommie had not come home yet and the babysitter could not be found. The mind of a child can be a dangerous thing.

The Crime, The Event, The Happening

The most memorable event was a bedroom camping trip complete with tent, sleeping bag, hot dogs, smore`s, and a fire to heat dinner.
When he said "I want to go camping in my bedroom" I never imagined he would start a fire to melt marshmallows for smore`s
I heard him set up the tent and went to check upon his progress. He did a wonderful job and I complimented him on this. It was a one man pup tent that set itself up when removed from the storage bag. But it is important to ensure children that we see their accomplishments and are proud of them.
Seeing that he had his wooden Lincoln logs placed for a fire, I stated that was a very good fire pile. Never thinking that he would actually light it in the house I returned to the living room and to my book, leaving him to his camping trip.

The Smoke

After about 20 minutes I began to wonder if he was alright because he had been quite unheard and for Seth that was highly unusual. As I entered his room panic took over my common sense. I, in very unkind words, ask him what his problem was as I began to put out the fire made of Lincoln Logs. He had known enough to put in inside of a metal can lid so the carpet did not catch. Scorching was another issue.....
The fire was not very big nor hot and he reported that it had taken him a very long time to get the two sticks to make the fire. He said it never worked so he got my matches from the kitchen.

The Grounding

Yes, he got a spanking. Yes, he was grounded. Yes, the camping trip was over. Yes, the Momma sat and cried thinking she had failed as a parent because her 3 year old son had set fire to the bedroom floor.
As a parent you ask yourself questions about what you could have done different.
Then you spend a lifetime answering that question, never quite finding the answer.

His statement was simple:

But MOM! I did not do it on purpose!!!

and that is supposed to make it all better! I did not do it on purpose! I put it in the can lid so the carpet would not burn. Three year old logic is not always logical in an adult world. You have to think like a three year old....not an easy task.
Did I do the right thing? Who knows? But he did learn that fires are only started with wood outside.

When he was 6 we got a wood stove to help cut heating costs....Life is full of Contradictions. But that is another story!


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author avatar Val Mills
15th Apr 2012 (#)

This brought back memories of a similar thing with my son, yet his was a lit candle, not a fire. I too discovered it, probably just in time.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
15th Apr 2012 (#)

what an adventure are our children:0)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Apr 2012 (#)

Memories are made of these - after all, they are children! Thanks for the share, Karman - siva

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