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Personal safety is of paramount importance to any individual. Despite exercising due care, there could always be some instances where one runs into situations which cause a threat to safety. It is not always that help comes from outside and an individual is left with defending oneself. Pepper spray isone of the best and easiest ways for self defense

Self Defence Spray

Individuals are prone to facing some sort of threat from others in day-to-day life. This is truer in cases of women who face more cases of personal assault. Many of such instances are caused by individuals or a group of individuals who tend to be physically stronger and in places where external help is hard to get. Learning physical self-defense and assault techniques would be of help but might not always be practical, especially when faced with a stronger opposition. Devices which are easy to use and can act as deterrents would be of help in most of such situations. Self-defense sprays are one of the more popular forms of such deterrents, which help in situations of personal assault.

There are various types of sprays that are available which can be used as self-defense devices in case of emergencies. A self-defense pepper spray is one of the most popular choices made by many across the world as a personal safety device. Pepper has the quality of causing irritation, especially in the eyes when applied, leading to much pain and temporary irritation. This feature of pepper is being used to the advantage by using it as a spray to be applied on the assaulter, to cause irritation and help create an opportunity to escape from the threat.

In principle, the functioning of such a device is simple – to have a mechanism in place which would store the pepper or any other powder and when triggered, use this stored powder as a spray. Many brands are working on simplifying and making these mechanisms more efficient so that the person using it would be able to apply it without any hassle. The mechanism of the self-defense sprays needs to be efficient, as the performance of such devices at the critical moment is the difference between being saved and being a victim of an assault. Hence, more and more manufacturers of such sprays are looking at making these mechanisms more efficient in functioning as well as easy to use. The ingredients used in a self-defense pepper spray are being researched upon to achieve the balance between being potent as well as confining to the potency limits to avoid any fatality.

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