Caffeine Can Kill

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3 Things you may not have known about caffeine. Caffeine can be very harmful to your health in ways that you may not even realize.

Caffeine is harmful

Many people cannot wake up in the morning without their first cup of coffee. But did you know that the caffeine in that cup of coffee could be hurting you?

Thousands of caffeine drinks are consumed on a daily basis. Different type of energy drinks have caffeine in them. 5-hour energy, a top energy drink on the market, comes in a 2 ounce bottle and has as much caffeine as two cups of coffee.

Caffeine May Make You Tired

Make people consume caffeine as a quick pick me up. They use caffeine not realizing that it could be making them tired. Caffeine dehydrates you and depletes the body of vitamins.
Dehydration and vitamin depletion could cause you to feel tired throughout the day. So, you drink even more caffeine to get you through the day. It is a cycle that never ends causing many health problems.

Caffeine Can Cause Eye Problems

People do not realize that caffeine can cause problems with their eyesight. Over consumption of caffeine can cause you to have eye floaters. Eye Floaters are when you see spot or lines that drift. If you see eye floaters, you should go to a doctor right away they can be a sign of serious eye problems.
Over consumption of caffeine can also cause you to see flashes of light in front of your eyes. Both of these problems can be very frightening when you do not know what is causing them.

Caffeine Could Kill

Caffeine can cause problems with brain functions. Problems with brain functions that may start with just headache and evolve into confusion or delirium. Over consumption of caffeine can cause you to have dizzy spells. One of the worst things to happen from over consumption of caffeine; it can cause seizures, which could lead to death. Caffeine can be a lot more dangerous than many of us think. Many people consume caffeine all day long. I hope this article make people think about what caffeine is doing to their bodies. I hope, people think twice about what they use for a pick me up.

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author avatar Shamarie
7th Mar 2015 (#)

Great article, Brenda, and very informative! I stop drinking coffee and soda years ago. I am glad I did!!!

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
7th Mar 2015 (#)

Interesting article.

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author avatar brendamarie
7th Mar 2015 (#)

Shamarie, glad to hear you stopped. For many people, it is not easy. Cutting back can help.

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author avatar Carol Roach
10th Mar 2015 (#)

I did not know that caffeine could give you seizures

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author avatar brendamarie
11th Mar 2015 (#)

Carol in some cases yes caffeine has caused some people to have seizures. I know, I peron who can not have any caffeine at all because of this. I hear it is rare.

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author avatar micheal
27th Apr 2015 (#)

I may cut back soon, I drink far to much.

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