Calcium and vitamin D a duo worth having

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We all know calcium is good for building bones, but wheres the best place to get it?


One important mineral for the body is calcium, baby’s need a huge amount of calcium in fact up to 60% of the calcium received is used for building bones and teeth, but it doesn’t stop at baby’s during our life we all still need calcium, albeit in a lesser amount to maintain healthy bones.

A baby or young child could suffer from rickets among other things, if they don’t get the correct amount of calcium and when we become older the chance of contracting osteoporosis increases. It’s not just bones calcium is good for, the health of the colon and rectum needs calcium, as well as the muscles around the heart all cannot function properly without the correct quantity of calcium.

Vitamin D

And did you know blood cannot clot without calcium, so you see it’s a vital mineral especially, for those who choose, for one reason or another, not to drink cow’s milk.
The body can absorb calcium but it needs vitamin D to absorb effectively, many food manufactures fortified their foods with vitamin D and of course you can get your dose of vitamin D through the sun’s rays, but be careful not to stay in the sun too long for the risk of sunburn, a few minutes in the sunlight each day is thought to be enough to allow the body chance to synthesize adequate vitamin D.

Cow’s milk does contain calcium but it lacks vitamin D in fact it contains very little vitamin D this is why many farmers now fortifies cow's milk with added vitamin D, saying this, most mothers milk also contains small amounts of vitamin D, the accepted reason why mothers milk is so low in vitamin D is not the fault of the milk but rather the mother not having a high enough level of the vitamin in her body, this is explained by diet and the awareness of the dangers of cancer from the sun so as more and more people stay out of the sun, so the levels of vitamin D drops.

Baked Beans and Breakfast

One of the best sources of calcium is from tofu it is also found in many vegetables including curly kale, okra, horseradish and watercress, red kidney beans, soya beans, petit pois, broccoli, cabbage, celery and parsnips baked beans and bread, Soya drinks are mostly calcium-enriched as well as breakfast cereals. Make sure the fortified foods also contain added vitamin D; fruit is good as well in particular oranges

Natural vitamin D is found in fish the best are salmon, tuna, and mackerel and fish liver oils have some of the highest amounts vitamin can also be found in smaller amounts in beef liver, cheese and egg yolks and mushrooms.

Its mum who should know

So to sum up, it’s important that we all maintain a healthy well balanced diet, if you are a young woman hoping to have children in later life, you can help your future baby by eating the correct foods, enjoy the sun, but in small doses, and eat up your greens.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
31st Jul 2012 (#)

Very good information, thank you johnnydod...

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author avatar Jerry Walch
31st Jul 2012 (#)

Another expertly written and illustrated article Johnny. I especially like to detailed "Calcium Regulation" picture.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Aug 2012 (#)

A very useful share indeed, Johnny. Thanks - siva

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author avatar stevetheblogger
1st Aug 2012 (#)

Johnny great article never new blood would not clot without Calcium. Great interest to my wife who does have a blood problem and hates milk.
Best Wishes

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
1st Aug 2012 (#)

very good information Johnny..thank you. I recently learned that coconut oil is great for helping clear the bacteria from the gums...

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
8th Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you, Johnny: Excellent information. I am maintaining my supplement program and feel very well. I will be seeing my oncologist/hematologist tomorrow and resuming my "Primal Panacea" pages.

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author avatar johnnydod
8th Aug 2012 (#)

good for you ivy

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