Can Your Personality Type Influence Your Health?

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Are you a worry wart and a pessimist by nature or are you a carefree spirited individual who loves life? Did you know that your personality can affect your health?

Your Personality and Your Health

Personality type: Does it affect your health? -
How Your Personality Affects Your Health -
Is Your Personality Making You Sick? -

Personality Traits:
Experts say that our personality traits reveal themselves at a very early age and remain constant throughout our entire lives. Personality traits influence the choice of words we use to communicate with others, as well as how we learn. Our personality traits are responsible for our brain functioning and its normal neurobiological and biochemical reactions. They establish the electrochemical dialogue that takes place between the brain, the endocrine system, and the physical body.

The learned parts of personality are called characteristics. Characteristics are the behavioral patterns that we develop as a result of what we have learned. They are the distinguishing qualities that differentiate us from others. They provide the biographical information that reveals itself through our emotional reactions.

Traits + Characteristics = Personality Type -
When you combine personality traits and characteristics, you define personality type. This impacts the way you face life's challenges and the coping mechanisms you develop.

This is the organizing principle that affects your sense of reality and spirituality. It greatly impacts your health and overall sense of well-being.

Personality and perceived Stress: -
An individual must perceive a stressor in order for it to have an impact on them, and people's personalities determine how they will perceive things. Some people perceive certain events as more stressful as others.

Hippocrates: -
For centuries, psychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians have studied personality. Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, proposed that there were four distinct personality types. His theory was that a person's personality type determines their vulnerability to mental dysfunction and their susceptibility to illness.

Carl Jung: -
Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker and the founder of Analytical Psychology proposed his own comprehensive theory to explain how personality type affects every aspect of a person's life. Jung was of the opinion that the differences in people were the result of inherited core psychological functions associated with how a person gathers information and makes decisions.

Personality Theories as a Whole: -
According to most of the personality theories, we each have within our own personality type both strengths and weaknesses that are primarily determined by the genetic neurological hard-wiring found within our personality traits. At those times when we feel that our lives are out of control and we feel emotionally detached, We become mentally immobilized and chemically out of balance. These chemical imbalances create a fight-or-flight stress reaction in the physical body, and these stress responses hinder our ability to think clearly to an even greater extent. As a result, we leave ourselves vulnerable to the creation of illness.

Mind-body Connection: -
Since those early research studies, more comprehensive studies have taken place to further the understanding of how the mind influences our physical well-being. These studies are validating the premise that there is a direct correlation between personality, thoughts, emotions, and illness. Experts for the most part all agree that our thoughts and emotions are intertwined, and play a major role in the development of disease.

Psychoneuroimmunology: -
And, how does psychoneuroimmunology play a role in all this. Psychoneuroimmunology, is the study of how emotions affect the immune system. It theorizes that people who are consumed with negative thoughts or who have a negative outlook on life are more susceptible to the formation of cancer.

Negative thoughts: -
Negative thoughts provoke negative emotions: fear, anger, frustration, worry, and guilt -- all of which have an undesirable and potent effect on our ability to fight off disease and infection. Negative thoughts wear down both the energy system and the immune system, leaving a person more susceptible to illness. Those same studies show that prolonged stress also wears down both the energy body and physical body and consequently impacts why people become ill and why they do not heal.

If our thoughts are positive and produce positive emotional reactions, then our physical body will continue to function as a healthy, vital unit. It is only the thoughts with strongly negative charges that affect the body and make it susceptible to disease.

Scientists Have Pinpointed Two Behavior Patterns that Can Have an Effect on our Health: -
Type-A Behavior Pattern: Type A personality behavior was first described as a potential risk factor for heart disease in the 1950s by cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Mike Jordan. These are individuals who tend to strive very hard and competitively towards certain goals, often without feeling much enjoyment in the process. A number of studies have found a link between Type-A behavior and coronary heart disease. The three specific components of Type-A behavior that contribute to heart disease include anger and hostility. It has been theorized that when people perceive stress, their bodies try to pump greater amounts of blood through narrower constricted blood vessels. This may wear out the coronary arteries and lead to a heart attack. Even self-induced stress can cause lipids to release into the blood stream, which contributes to atherosclerosis.

Type-B Behavior Pattern: A laid back individual. These individuals demonstrate low levels of competitiveness and have no urgency in regards to time. They are more easygoing and relaxed and enjoy life.

There is also a Type AB personality type, which is a profile for people who cannot be clearly categorized as either Type A or Type B.

Bear in mind that Type A personalities aren't doomed to heart problems, but they should be aware of their risk and take precautions. There are some proactive tools and actions that these people can take to get rid of the negative feelings that they keep inside.

Bottom Line:
Although personality is something that usually cannot be changed, if you are a type-A personality it would be a good idea to take steps to minimize your stresses. In fact, next time you feel your heart racing and you find yourself in a tense mode, try taking a chill pill, theoretically speaking.

Bottom line, good coping mechanisms and having an outgoing personality does a body good. So lighten up your personality a bit and have some fun, life is simply too short.


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author avatar Jack Wellman
27th Sep 2011 (#)

Brilliant my good friend. This is so true. As a man (or woman) thinks, so he (she) is. This is so true. Like the good humor of a man who lost his dog, he put up signs to find his lost dog in the neighborhoods and after two weeks he heard nothing. His wife ask him, what did you put up on the sign? The farmer "Here boy!" LOL

See, humor is just one of my favorite things at work. I love to make people smile. Your articles ALWAYS make me smile Teila. God bless and thanks for this gem.

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author avatar Teila
28th Sep 2011 (#)

Jack, you are always full of inspiration and joy and it is much appreciated! The joy of the Lord is our strength!!!!!! Your comments are always a delight to read!

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author avatar bronnamdi
28th Sep 2011 (#)

Thanks Teila for this article. I appreciate the information you have shared and the admonition you have given.

I am working on my own negative personality traits. I hope others who read will also keep working on theirs.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
28th Sep 2011 (#)

Well said:0)

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author avatar Vernazoa
28th Sep 2011 (#)

Steve Kinsman will say astrology is a big influence on your health. He is on wikinut too.
I also believe your health may be hereditary. I believe in your approach too. There are many facets here. God has his on plans. I hope you see that.

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author avatar Buzz
28th Sep 2011 (#)

Brilliant page and well written, Teila. Jack's joke got the chuckle out of

Thanks for sharing, Teila.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
28th Sep 2011 (#)

Great article very well presented. Thank you Teila.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Teila
29th Sep 2011 (#)

Thanks Steve!

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author avatar Teila
29th Sep 2011 (#)

I agree Buzz, Jack always has some insightful comments and in this case comical.

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author avatar Teila
29th Sep 2011 (#)

And, I will have to agree with you Vernazoa, this is only one angle on health. A positive mindset helps to boost your immune system so that your body can heal. A positive less stressed mindset can also prevent rapid heart palpitations caused by stress etc. things that can do damage to your health. Genetics, body types, personality types what ever it is, we need to be wise and do all we can to keep our bodies, minds and spirit in ship shape. Thanks for the comments, love reading your posts as well!

Reply to this comment

author avatar Teila
29th Sep 2011 (#)

Delicia and bronnamdi love my Wikinut friends, and always appreciate the feedback and comments, headed over to your pages right now!!

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author avatar amberdextrous
30th Sep 2011 (#)

A fantastic summary of this complex issue, Teila.

I take issue with just one small point in your well-researched and well-reasoned article, and that is that personalities remain constant throughout our lives. I believe major traumatic events can cause complete 'reversals' of personality types.

An excellent read. Thank You!

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author avatar vpaulose
30th Sep 2011 (#)

Thank you Teila for this info on personality. I hope to have your friendship.

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author avatar johnnydod
1st Oct 2011 (#)

A great article Teila, I studied Jung quite extensively when I was younger, this subject has always fascinated me.

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author avatar deepa venkitesh
4th Oct 2011 (#)

I think I am type B with a bold, because I am too lazy sometimes. I wonder if Steve saw that in my horoscope.

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author avatar Bridgitte Williams
12th Oct 2011 (#)

Excellent article and very interesting! :-)

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author avatar NancyG in TN
26th Feb 2012 (#)

Interesting, thanks!

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author avatar Tranquilpen
1st Mar 2012 (#)

Hello Teila this is so very relevant and timely. Had a good chuckle at Jack's joke as well. Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar sarosh
4th May 2012 (#)

Very interesting article

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author avatar Judy Ellen
21st Jul 2012 (#)

This is such a good article!! My husband has a problem with negativity so I have to constantly remind him to be thankful. Being thankful for all things like the Bible says is key to staying positive. Also, if we apply Philippians 4 verse 8 in our lives we will have a healthy and positive attitude. And I quote: Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever thing are of good report; if there be an virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Thanks for the great article!!

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
18th Oct 2012 (#)

A very well written analytical article on body and mind. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar spirited
14th Feb 2014 (#)

"Experts say that our personality traits reveal themselves at a very early age and remain constant throughout our entire lives."

Maybe the spiritual minded would call this our soul's influence?

Good combination of facts and various explanatory schools of thought.

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