Cancer - An Explanation

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This article briefly explains about what is cancer.

What is cancer?

We all should know about this fatal disease condition. Most people die after some months or years once cancer affects them. It affects all sort of social level people. So we must know about cancer. Cancer is a deadly disease, and what will it do for a patient who is affected with it? And how can we define cancer and how it develops? We should understand these questions first to know well about cancer. Cancer is not a single disease condition like cough or fever, but cancer is of different types somewhat approximately 100 in number. Will it affect any particular organ or system in our body? No. It will affect more or less all body organs and systems. Even the delicate organs like eyes and heart can even be affected by cancer when it spreads to those organs. In total cancer is a fatal disease condition of affecting overall body cells when it affects a patient.

As there are 100 more types of cancerous conditions that affect our body, each kind of cancer is distinctive from the other kinds of cancers with its own sources and signs and symptoms. The treatments for different cancer types are also different.

We will see now how cancer develops in common. Each organ in our body is fabricated of cells. Cells are the building material like bricks for a house. The cells of the body reproduce and segregate themselves and that makes growth and changes to the body. But, in some abnormal conditions, body cells continue to divide and multiply even when there is no need for growth or any other reasons, in such conditions, these cells accumulate and form a mass development called tumor.

These abnormal growth or development of mass in a particular organ or system can be divided into two types such as malignant tumor and benign tumor. A malignant tumor is very dangerous as they invade deep inside an organ or system and it cannot be removed easily. The spread of the cancer called metastasis for the malignant tumor is extensive to the close proximity too. On the other hand, a benign tumor is not too fatal or dangerous, as they are superficial on the skin layer, and also can easily be removed.

The cancer is named from the origin of its spread, for example when cancer originates from the lung and spreads to the brain, it is simply called lung cancer. Leukemia is a cancer condition of blood cells (white blood cells), but the cancer may metastasize to the other organs from the blood stream.

Signs and symptoms of each cancerous condition in our body may differ from the other cancer condition. Generally, cancer patients affect with weight loss, fever, and tiredness.

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Thank you Sasi, I think suppressing certain emotions exacerbate the problem. Great read.

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