Cancer Fighting Foods: Olive Oil

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We all view Olive Oil as probably one of the more healthier oils in cooking on the market so if in the event we were to suffer from some form of cancer it is likely that we would use the more healthier option, although obviously better to start using it sooner than later as one of the cancer fighting foods to prevent any form of caner from occuring.

Using olive oils

However, it is obviously best to take a deep breath and see how your health is going at this point in time. I don’t think McDonald s or Burger King worry about the type of oil they use.

Using olive oils in comparisons with other oils has proven to prevent most cancers, namely colon, breast, ovarian and prostrate cancers. It is becoming one of the top ten cancer fighting foods not surprisingly.

Healthy Mediterranean diet

We think of the Italians and others in the Mediterranean sometimes as having an incredibly unhealthy diet. The first thing that comes to mind is the oil and cheese consumed. What most people are not aware of is the vast quantities of olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruit, which is more than likely accompanied by olive oil and whole grains, which again goes along with along with olive oil. A study has shown reduced cancer rates in a diet like this with including all the cancer fighting foods and vitamins in their plan.

In Tuscany workers on olive farms get paid in olive oil, enough to last them the year until they come back the following season for the next pressing. This shows their love and passion for the golden product.

How olive oil turns into one of the cancer fighting foods

Breast Cancer

Research also in fact showed that breast cancer could be reduced using olive oil. Oleic Acid is the main component in olive oil and oncogenes are the genes that will turn a host cell into a cancer cell. The acid could be combined with the drug therapy. This applies to extra virgin olive oil, which is heated and not refined.

Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer is the second most common cancer in America and most often caused by bad health. Scientists in Barcelona experimented with rats, testing with different oils. They fed the rats pure vegetable oil and found after a couple of months down the line they developed bowel cancer and tumours compared to those which were fed with olive oil which were extremely low. It does make one think.

Ovarian Cancer

A simple study was completed in Milan showing out of just under 4000 women that those without ovarian cancer had been taking in more olive oil than those with the cancer. The women without cancer were including a large intake of nature's cancer fighting foods in their diet including up to ¾ of an oz. of olive oil daily.

Prostate Cancer

Vegetable oils and margerines are unnatural fats and contain Trans Fats. This happens during the processing stage of the fats. Keep these to a minimum because they can lead to prostate cancer. Canola oil, sometimes thought as a healthier version is still not safe. So again we come back to the good old olive oil, one of nature's cancer fighting foods. The first pressing of olive oil, being extra virgin olive oil would be your best bet.

Skin Cancer

An experiment was done with hairless mice, rubbing olive oil over them. Those that were covered came out free from different types of skin cancers. The antioxidants in olive oil help with this process, proving that olive oil is regarded as one of the cancer fighting super foods. It should be extra virgin olive oil and not the cheaper kind. This might seem expensive so the preferred choice would probably be some other form of protection like a sunhat!


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