Cancer Spreading Process

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This article explains about the process of how cancer spreads.

Cancer Spreading Process

The physiological word for cancer spread is metastasis. The plural word for metastasis is metastases. Meta- means within –stasis means development. It means development within. The depth of cancer is measured by a method called staging of cancer. Cancer has the characteristic feature of spread from its original place called primary site and the place where it spreads is called as secondary site.

Cancer takes place as of the irregular and wild splitting up of cells. These cancer cells are then marched into and wipe out the nearby healthy tissues. These cancer cells continuously reproduce them again and again and so their cell count increases day by day and this is the condition, in which these wild cancer cells fail to stop their reproduction and so persists. These cancerous cells affect the nearby normal cells and make them die because of less requirement of food.

Cancers are of two types such as sluggishly developing and rapidly developing. The rapidity of cancer is depending on the area of cancer where it affects in the human body. The ratio of rapidity also depends on the inborn character of the cancerous cell types too.

The spreading nature of cancer cells is called metastasis.
In the initial phases, any type of cancer cells may grow slower compared to the cancer in the late phases. The diagnosis of cancer in the initial phases may be known accidentally or by any symptoms of the patient.

Cancer metastasizes to different parts of the body from its primary site and this is of fatal in nature. The metastases may be of three types according the depth of its spread to other organs. They are of a) local spread b) lymph vessels spread c) blood vessels spread.

In the local spread, cancer penetrates to the neighboring areas of the body, neighboring organs, and the adjacent tissues and systems. In the lymphatic spread, cancer ensnares the lymph vessels adjacent to it and metastasis occurs. In the bloodstream spread cancer marches into the blood vessels adjacent to the primary site and from that area, the cancer spreads to the nearby organs to it.

By these ways, from the primary site, cancer is derived to the secondary organs and so forms secondary cancers. For example, when abdomen gets cancer, it spreads to the liver and other nearby organs too.

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