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About the sometimes apparent uncaring attitude permeating our modern society to some extent.

What do you see?

Look across the world and it is obvious that the caring aspects of our humanity have suffered an almost irreversible downturn. In almost every news broadcast, in every newspaper, tabloid and broadsheet alike, there is ample evidence that we, as humans, no longer care enough for each other enough.

When the news reports of the latest atrocity or the newest figures of casualties in the war torn areas of the world are released, we may respond emotionally and feel frustrated at our impotence to end the carnage. More often, we feel anger – before we go back to our own trivial day to day lives.

Even in our local high street, however, there is evidence of our lack of caring as we watch our youth spilling on to the street after the bars and clubs have closed, fighting with each other in drink and drug fueled oblivion.

If we factor in the intolerance, the ignorance, the religious and racial bigotry, it is plainly clear that there is a dearth of caring amongst us. The reason it happens between different races is that those who are on the opposite side are ‘demonized’ through propaganda by those who have a vested interest in doing so.

Perhaps, in the end, caring for each other does come down to the good deeds done within the family, for other family members or even for close neighbors. If so, that is still enough to keep it alive, from where we can make it grow, once more, into global caring again. Sometimes, though life seems to give with one hand and take away with the other, but does it?

Sometimes that good thing turns out to be less than it seemed at face value. The diamond crystal proves to be nothing more than cut glass, the once in a lifetime opportunity turns out to be a royal pain in the butt to be endured, not enjoyed. Yet, even when it happens, each experience still has something valuable for us, if we can only pause long enough to see it.

It’s true that it can be hard to see that silver lining round that dark gray cloud which seems to only hang above your head and follow you around everywhere, but that in itself is the test. If you raise your eyes up and out to see what’s really there, you stop looking down and in, where your mind is busy sabotaging you anyway.

As we look at the elongated shadows flickering and casting their darkness over our lives in front of us, we forget that there must be light behind us for those very shadows to exist. If we stop, turn round and look, we can see the light shining and, as a bonus, the shadows that blight our life shall all be behind us.

There are hidden gifts all round us, each and every day. In the midst of the worst experiences, they are there, urging us to see them, to hold on to them as they build our hope and lead us out of the dark places we have created for ourselves. All we need do, is slow down and look.

Are you “too busy” to see?


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author avatar Mariah
6th Jun 2013 (#)

Little steps of love and respect for each other will grow into bigger steps.. slowly but surely..the light at the end of the tunnel will appear, of the beginning of the end to hatred, differences,misplaced material values.
Really great article Scotslad

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author avatar Songbird B
6th Jun 2013 (#)

Taking time to step back and pause long enough to see and promote the good instead of ignoring the bad in our society would make such a difference to this world..Another fine and passionate article Scotslad, I am a dedicated follower of your work my friend..You have a voice and it's a pleasure to hear it. \0/x

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author avatar scotslad60
6th Jun 2013 (#)

Thank you both for your comments. It's nice to know someone out there likes what I write.

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