Caregivers Need Support Too

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Since people are living longer in North America, the issue of care-giving is topical. This series will examine some of the issues and provide some tips for family and home caregivers.

Helping Someone Else Requires Helping Yourself: How to Be an Effective Caregiver

Helping Someone Else Requires Helping Yourself: How to Be an Effective Caregiver

Montreal caregivers, like caregivers all over the world come in all shapes and sizes; they come in all ages and walks of life. Caregivers are motivated by passion and love for humanity not by familial relationships as defined by a DNA Test. Caregivers transcend the boundaries of biological ties to address the concerns of those in need.

The whole definition of family has changed over the years to include extended families, blended families, foster families, adopted families, non-traditional families and generic families, which, include relatives and friends. The caregiver takes care of any number of these individuals within the designated family/friends arena. These families with sick members require a lot of attention and that is where the caregiver comes in; willingly or not so willingly to help out.

In certain circumstances the individual in need does not have any biological family to help, or the family refuses to help and that is where a concerned neighbor steps in to help the person who is alone and sick. Again the DNA test connection plays no part in the decision to help a sick person with the care that he or she needs.

The person, the caregiver is often alone and isolated from any one else willing to take on the challenge; and a challenge it is. However, while all concern is placed upon the sick, caregivers often forget to take care of themselves.

Here are some tips to help Montreal caregivers help themselves:

Caregivers often feel isolated with no one to understand their issues. Being a caregiver puts a physical and emotional strain upon the body and psyche.

Here are some tips to help Montreal caregivers help themselves:

First of all, it is okay to acknowledge being tired. Asking for help does not mean you have failed in your role as a caregiver. Too many caregivers feel that they must do it all and then collapse from sheer exhaustion.

Ask for help when you need it

Ask for the help you need from family or friends or social services; do not feel you must do it all yourself. Just because you are the father as determined by a paternity DNA test, you are not superwoman, you need help and just because you are "the good daughter" taking care of her widowed mother, you are not a bad person if you get some outside help. As a caregiver you will not be helping the sick or disabled person in your charge if you become sick yourself.

Caregivers need to feel that people understand. Perhaps you are a caregiver and you really do not get any support from your family. They may feel that job is yours and yours alone.

For example, a husband may feel that it is his job to go out and work to make a living while the wife stays home and does everything else. Examples like these puts a big strain upon a caregiver's ability to cope with everything. And if you are not able to get family members to understand what you are going through, you will become very frustrated and feel totally alone.

The good news is that you are not alone you can join a support group for caregivers in your area. These people will not only reinforce that you are not alone, but that you are in deed a part of a network of caregivers. The support group will also help you with coping skills and suggestions on how to get your family more involved.

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author avatar spirited
9th Jun 2015 (#)

Some caregivers, like my mum did, feel guilty about handing off some of these duties.

She nearly died first, because of how run-down and worn-out she became afters years of doing this for our Dad.

She never complained, and the nights were the hardest.

We finally persuaded her to put him into respite care, a few times a year. This got her used to living on her own a bit, later on came the nursing home, where he finally died too.

A timely article Carol.

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