Catching Myself: An Article Against Negativity

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You know, there is a time in our lives where we all know where we must walk, swim or travel. This is one of them: When we become drama kings or queens too much, we must step back, recover and remember ourselves. This is what this article and its sections are essentially about as a whole.

The facts of life, reality and everything else:

We create our meaning through our actions, sure, but there is a bigger picture to look at like the grand scale movie that it is: Life is a game when all is said and done. We may go through emotional changes in this game, and sometimes even seem to suffer or sometimes even succeed, but at the beginning and the end, we start and end at zero, what we do in between the beginning and ending zeros is a choice just like a game, especially a video game.

Within that paragraph is what I really meant in "The Gumption Article", not to sound so much like a 'drama king' or 'drama queen', see, but ultimately winnings and losses do not matter, it all ends and begins at zero anyway. What we do in between the beginning and the end shows are character and weakness or 'gumption' strength level. Some may disagree with me and say that life is less or more serious than I have just described, but anyone must admit that I am getting down to the bare bones of what reality consists of here.

What is a game?

A game is start, go, barriers and a goal when you think about it. The meaning of a game is quite simple, but, the form it can take is the only complicated or complex thing there is. We start at zero, and when the game ends, we start over that way, at zero again. But the thing about life is that it is goals, and little else although the goals can be anything ranging within the gamut of good and evil, success and failure, winning, losing and the whole thing.

The mechanism of the game of life is as simple as start, go, barriers and a goal, but the form it takes is always the complex thing. I mean, that is why the the power of the "why" is much stronger than the power of "how" in all situations, games, life and realities. I mean how is essentially always the same, but why you are achieving it never is.

Mastery and Aspiration

To be a master is not so much to rule what is around you, but it is to rule yourself genuinely. To aspire to be a master is to want to rule what is around you. The genuinely powerful though, rule themselves well, coherently and genuinely.

Without that presence of self, without that mastery of yourself, all you can do is eternally aspire in an unfulfilled way. Fulfillment comes through self-presence and self-mastery, in that order, there are not any exceptions to this rule. Greatness comes when we are with ourselves in every way and with consciousness. If we are great unconsciously and "fortunately", that does not count. But if we can do it all with presence, grace and power, that is when things count and we are masters, not aspirants.

The road to really winning/How to succeed by doing instead of trying

I got this idea from "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" when the character Yoda says, "There is no try, do." We must do with full presence and certainty of what we are doing, and we must do what works to really do it. A winning master is what they are because of that fact, there is really not a such a thing as a master of losing. Conscious losing is just finding the ways it cannot be done, conscious winning is consistently applying the ways it should, can and will be done in the best ways.

With that said, the greatest inventors came up with an idea, and had to succeed once practically at that idea to succeed in the way that they wanted after a lot of failure, work and testing. Temporary failure and then consistently applying the success formula is the way to succeed genuinely. First time lucky success does not count, except when you know what it is and learn the art of repeatable success and not depend on that first time lucky success.

Real and consistent successes are work, application, and understanding of consciousness of success. If you are ready to apply those things, you are ready for success. If you are not, go play the lottery or sweepstakes and lose, and if you get "lucky" winnings, more power to you, and if you repeat that luck, wow! But certain success comes from realistic work, not so much hard or easy work, but realistic. "Realistic" meaning understanding, application and genuine consciousness of success. After all, Ben Vereen and Denzel Washington did not become great actors on stage, screen and television depending on luck, they developed their skills. Sure, they had a talent base, but they had that presence and consciousness of skill that made them from the bottom up. This is how life and existence must be approached also to be succeeded at. Sure, there may be a little work and pain along the way, but success is always worth it if it is consistently and easily repeatable. It is not worth it if it is just one "lucky break" that is not repeatable. Think about it, act on it, and generate your success. Real failure means nothing anyway as a concept, it is a pedagogical infinity meaning that failures are just something to learn from not stay in or let destroy you. I will not let them destroy me, "I will keep on trucking" to use a saying of the late, great singer Eddie Kendricks of The Temptations, because life is just a game.


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