Causes Of Diabetes Mellitus

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Diabetes mellitus or type one diabetes develops when the pancreas that produce insulin performs what we call an ‘auto-destruction’, wherein the body silently destroys the insulin thereby creating a deficiency.

Cause Of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus or type 1 diabetes develops when the pancreas that produce insulin performs what we call an ‘auto-destruction’, wherein the body silently destroys the insulin thereby creating a deficiency.

Diabetes mellitus is an inherited defect and once it is triggered by some factors, the disease will start to manifest.

The specific cause of diabetes mellitus is not yet known but experts have identified isolated factors which are related to its development.

The first evident cause of diabetes mellitus is genetics. Diabetics can be inherited and if your parents have diabetes, you have a 50% chance of developing the disease as well. Even if your parents don’t have diabetes but the diseases runs in your blood line, you’re still prone to develop diabetes especially if triggered by environmental factors.

Cow’s milk was proven to increase the risk of developing diabetes especially among individuals with a genetic make-up of the disease. Cow’s milk contains bovine insulin and when your antibodies bind with it, it crossly reacts with the human insulin.

Viral infections – as compared to milk proteins, studies show that constant exposure to viral infections can contribute to the development of diabetes.

Individuals can’t avoid viral infections all throughout their lifetime. Immunological damage is usually caused by these viruses and so you must avoid infections as much as possible.

Some of the viruses identified which can contribute to diabetes are coxsackie B virus, rubella virus, cytomegalovirus, and Epstein-Barr virus. If you’re exposed to hepatitis A, influenza, mumps, varicella zoster, measles, polio, and rotavirus, you’re also at risk to develop diabetes.

Having A Healthy Body Is The Only Way To Avoid Viral Infections

Genetics alone though can’t cause diabetes because many individuals who have a history of diabetes in their family did not develop the disease. Studies have proven that aside from the genetic factor, environmental factors contribute to its development. It is therefore very important for you to avoid these environmental factors so that you can effectively prevent the disease.

But, there are also good environmental factors which can help prevent the development of diabetes.

Drinking water has zinc and magnesium. These minerals can prevent diabetes development. Aside from that, you can also check your current lifestyle and diet.

Studies also showed that the foods you eat can make you prone to diabetes. Most of the foods you eat are converted to glucose upon entering the body. When the glucose level is high, it can lead to diabetes. You must therefore choose the right kinds of food so that you can maintain your normal glucose level. Together with appropriate medications and treatments, you can surely manage your health condition.

Always Maintain A Healthy Immune System

With the above mentioned causes of diabetes mellitus, you can easily avoid them as mush as possible. Since one of the factors involved is viral infections, you have to ensure that you have a healthy immune system. The body has a natural defense system and you need to maintain its health so that you won’t easily get sick. Take vitamin supplements and other food supplements so that you can have adequate defense against viral infections.

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Very good information you've shared here.

I know some diabetic people who are as normal as non-diabetics because of their hood habits.

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