Causes of Arthritis

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There are various factors that develops this joint disease called Arthritis. It may be due to any injury , excessive work , obesity or joint surgery. These are not the only factors that causes arthritis. There are some other factors also that everyone must know . So , lets know about the causes of arthritis.

What Cause Arthritis ?

Although the exact cause of arthritis has not yet been determined, some doctors argue that the cause of arthritis can also be an infection, injury or allergies. But other than that arthritis can be caused by metabolic disorders, diseases of the nervous system or even a vitamin deficiency. The most common cause of infectious diseases remain.

Violation of immunity leads to the development of persistent arthritis and joint destruction. Reactive arthritis can develop after infection, but the microbes often do not fall into the joint. It occurs when the immune system of the body does not work properly. Immunity begins to defend and it attack the body. First affects the hands, and after all the other joints. And if a person does not receive appropriate treatment, it can be disabled on the floor a dozen years.

Yet, it is possible to allocate some reasons depending on the kind of arthritis including:

1,Infections - It occurs ,when harmful bacteria, fungi or viruses penetrate inside of the human body . Against this background, it turns on the natural protection called immunity. But the failures in its work, a substance designed to fight pathogens begin to destroy healthy cells and attack the joints.

2. All sorts of joint injuries causing the development of the disease.

3. Professional sports or constant excessive load on the joints can cause arthritis. For example, the joints of the fingers are suffering from masseurs.

4. Overweight.

5. Congenital dislocation of the hip.

6. Diseases of the nervous system.

7. Allergy.

8. Some diseases, such as: tuberculosis, gonorrhea, dysentery, gout.

8. Malfunctions of the endocrine glands. In particular, the hormonal changes in a woman's body during her entry into menopause.

10. Genetic predisposition.

11. Malnutrition.

12. The use of alcohol-containing beverages.

13. Insect bites, in contact with a biological poison into the joint cavity.

14. Hypothermia.

15. Inadequate intake of nutrients.


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