Cayenne Prevents Heart Attack and Breast Cancer

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There are many plants that seemed ordinary,yet very superior.Some of them boosts good health and build strong body and metabolism.We need to know them for they can be the replacement for a doctor's prescription.We need to be health conscious because this time death through different kinds of cancer is rampant all over the world.

Cayenne Prevents Heart Attack and Breast Cancer

Cayenne is very popular all over the world. Many do not know how superb this food is.
Its taste is amazing. It is of different sizes.Its height depends on how cayenne is raised in the farm or garden.

You can even plant cayenne in your backyard and in big pots.

Below is the scientific name of cayenne:

Capsicum annuum

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Plantae

(unranked): Eudicots

(unranked): Asterids

Order: Solanales

Family: Solanaceae

Genus: Capsicum

Species: C. annuum

cultivar : Cayenne

Cayenne could be prepared as salad with other mixtures of preference.I saw a Korean eating uncooked cayenne.I was so young at that time.I did not understand why he ate uncooked pepper or cayenne.Others use this plant as one of the ingredients of a recipe.This time I understand that this plant blocks deadly diseases to human beings.

A Miracle Plant

Cayenne cures a woman's father during the latter's heart attack.She was so devastated and hopeless.

Her 90-year-old father from Oregon was in the throes of a severe heart attack when his daughter discovered him.

She knew about cayenne’s renowned power to stop heart attacks, and was able to get cayenne extract into his mouth.

When the medics came to try to resuscitate him, they pronounced him dead on the scene. But within a few minutes, he regained consciousness.

As they took him to the hospital, he remained in a semi-conscious state, so the daughter kept giving him the cayenne extract.

By the time they got to the hospital, he had fully recovered and wanted to go home and mow the lawn.

“What did you give him?” the doctor asked the daughter. He later said it was the closest thing to a miracle he had ever seen.

This is very interesting considering the age of the man,90.He still wants to live again.
From this testimony, we could say that cayenne is very effective, superior.


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author avatar Erly
9th Sep 2014 (#)

Very tasty and superb plant....

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author avatar snerfu
13th Sep 2014 (#)

Really! Unbelievable recovery through this cayenne plant. Must include it in my list of desirables.

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author avatar Erly
13th Sep 2014 (#)

Yes, snerfu, this is very superior plant..I start eating this after I learned this hehehehe, not late.

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