Celery Increases Sexuality

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Celery is a superior plant.It boosts good health and cures sicknesses.Celery goes viral this time.

Celery Increases Sexuality

Celery is a very powerful plant. Many do not know celery. Many ignore this vegetable. Many prefer to eat meat like pork, beef, chicken, canned goods, processed foods without knowing their harm to the human body. We must protect our health and maintain a very strong immune system so our body can fight against deadly sicknesses like cancer.

Celery is sold in wet markets, in malls, and even in an open market places. Others use celery as their as appetizer. Others sprinkle few leaves of celery to potatoes with a small amount of meat.

Celery is not only powerful for sexuality. It is also very powerful to break kidney stones. Those having kidney stones, eat celery. Celery cures Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Eat celery as your daily habit and you will experience different feeling body light and fresh. As human being grows older, his body metabolism weakens. Our body needs substantial nutrients to boost good health and live too long.

Celery is composed of many elements our body needs. It also cures arthritis, lowers blood pressure and stops insomnia .It is also anti-inflammatory and reduces weight. Celery lowers cholesterol and fights cancer. It is a very simple, yet superior partner for life.

Why does celery increase sexuality? As you always take it every meal especially the celery juice, it balances the system, the sexual system that gets weaker.

We aim to live longer and free from any harmful diseases. Let us start to eat celery. It is not late to take its plentiful benefits


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author avatar Erly
28th Aug 2014 (#)

Celery is the best to break kidney stones.

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author avatar RBB1010
31st Aug 2014 (#)

Hi Erly, I didn't know this about celery, but believe it or not my sister likes to eat celery with peanut butter, ..lol

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author avatar Erly
31st Aug 2014 (#)

Hi Ronnie? Thanks for your wonderful thoughts about celery hehehehe..ask your sister, she also has a very strong kidney and strong sexuality hehehehe....

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