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Its about a research compound that has been found beneficial for humans..Results obtained so far are good..Although its usability is still under testing..

Chemical description

Cerebrolysin is undergoing research compound. It is a neurotrophic peptides mixtures obtained from pig brain. Enzymatic breakdown of purified brain proteins leads to formation of Cerebrolysin. It consists of low molecular weight peptides (<10K DA) and 18 free amino acids. Cerebrolysin consists of balanced mixture of biologically active polypeptides. The mixture composed of 75% free amino acids (according to free nitrogen content) and 25% low weight peptides. The mixture composed of high concentrations of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium and some other elements.

Historical information

The first invention for Cerebrolysin was in Russia and obtained from proteins of lipid-free porcine brain by enzymatic breakdown. The company, Ebewe pharmaceutical of Austria made Cerebrolysin(CRB) with approval for the first time.In 1973, Cerebrolysin first thought of putting under research. There are two derivatives of Cerebrolysin under research. One is EO21 and the other is N-PEP-12. The active ingredients in the Cerebrolysin compound are still unknown. Its growth and other factors after consumption on neurons from disorders ranging from strokes to Alzheimer are still under research.

Qualities and profound effects

-Cerebrolysin, being a protein-based compound, can be used for stopping neurotrophic and neuro-protective activities making it useful in stroke therapy.
- Cerebrolysin can aid in hormonal and immune disorders and but it is still research compound.
- Cerebrolysin can act useful in neuro-degenerative conditions for preventing neural disorders.
- Cerebrolysin seems helpful for Alzheimer’s disease but still no clear effects are there.
- Research for Cerebrolysin for its antioxidant properties and increase in brain responses is still under process.
- Research is under process for Cerebrolysin to be helping in Parkinson’s disease. No clinical data is available yet.
- Cerebrolysin chemical compound still not researched well and intended for scientific research only. In any case, it is not for human consumption. Continuous research is required for making ascertain the benefits of Cerebrolysin for finding its suitability for consumption.


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