Chicago Recovery Homes: Types of Treatment in a Recovery Home in Chicago

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Getting into rehab is tough. After admitting to yourself that you needed help, you then have to decide which recovery home would help you best on your journey to sobriety. Of course, detoxification would be included in the sessions. But apart from finding a program appropriate for your personality and medical history, the power to submit to the program whole-hearted will be a factor too.

In-patient treatment

Staying in a recovery home for an extended period of time would mean temporary time away from the family in an effort to get used having none of those recreational drugs or alcohol that usually results in substance abuse. If a person cannot help himself or herself in the presence of those drugs, conditioning the mind away from those objects would contribute to lessening the cravings.

Some patients choose this treatment because it gives them access to medical support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It also allows them to get individual counseling too apart from the educational groups that they get immersed into. Treatment doesn’t have to be lonely. But there are instances where a patient can only open up when left alone with a therapist to share.

Out-patient treatment

If it’s just avoiding the substances and the family can contribute to the treatment anyway, the out-patient treatment is a viable option. But since the family alone cannot conduct the treatment, they would need professional help from the recovery home providing the medical necessities. This would be ideal for young college students working on finishing their degrees.

Also, while some families are aware of the need for their son or daughter to receive professional treatment, they would rather have the person stay with them. If the presence of the patient’s loved ones would speed the recovery process, then a better support network is established.

Day Treatment

It’s like the treatment where the out-patient and the in-patient meet since the in-patient tenure has been completed but the patient still needs to return to the recovery home for the finishing touches so to speak. The patient can go home now but would return daily for the sessions.

The sessions provided for the day treatment are similar to the sessions provided for the in-patient treatment like individual counseling, group sharing and family counseling. Some sessions take several steps to be completed and there is a day treatment version for the series of meet-ups provided.

- Aftercare

This is the part where you apply everything you learned from the previous sessions. Chances are you already accumulated enough practical knowledge during the sessions. The true test of how much knowledge and therapy earned comes in this phase. Practical application will show the developments made.

Of course, since it involves sharing what have you learned, you would share in group sessions. You would mention which lessons became applicable to the recovery phase of your rehab. The medication you went through, your doctor will tell you if you are allowed to share that. You are there to inspire others in a way by sharing best practices and challenges to face now that you’re on your way out of the program.

Most recovery home offer these treatments. Consideration as to your medical history and needs to stay at home are mentioned so hopefully, such parameters made it easy for you to pick a treatment to go through. Getting into rehab through the help of a recovery home proves your initiative to embrace life anew. So take the leap to a positive change and get in touch with a medical professional that would help in giving you particular recommendations. I hope I got to be of help in that endeavor.

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