Chikungunya takes Jamaica

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How a Third World Country, which can't deal with Chikungunya is going to disappear if Ebola arrives

Right now

There are no real figures as to how many Jamaicans are infected with the
Chikungunya virus.

I know this for a fact. I am one of many people who have the virus.
One of many who has not gone to any so-called health clinic.

There is no cure, no real treatment. So why go to a so-called health clinic, sit for four or five hours, be treated like dirt (and have to pay for the privelege) to be diagnoised with a virus for which there is no cure nor any attempt to find any cure?


Chikungunya (pronunciation: \chik-en-gun-ye) virus is transmitted to people by mosquitoes. The most common symptoms of chikungunya virus infection are fever and joint pain. Other symptoms may include headache, muscle pain, joint swelling, or rash.

Outbreaks have occurred in countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Indian and Pacific Oceans. In late 2013, chikungunya virus was found for the first time in the Americas on islands in the Caribbean.

It was found, and it's movements were known.

There is a real risk that the virus will be imported to new areas by infected travelers. There is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat chikungunya virus infection.

Travelers can protect themselves by preventing mosquito bites. When traveling to countries with chikungunya virus, use insect repellent, wear long sleeves and pants, and stay in places with air conditioning or that use window and door screens.

Like, come to Jamaica and wear long sleeves? Like go into the sea with a jump suit? Uh Huh.



Chik-V is one of the most debilitating and fast moving viri ever.

You can do a full day's work, go to bed, and in the middle of the night suddenly feel as if you are on fire. You can't walk. You really can't walk. If you even get out of the bed, you fall on the floor and can crawl/drag yourself. You won't make it to the bathroom.

Every joint in your body is in pain, and you are so dizzy you feel you are going to faint. People have died because they have fainted and hit their head.
People have died because they have other health conditions, (which are not so terrific as to prevent them from holding down a full time job) which the Chik-v makes fatal.

This is Chik-V.
You do not want to get this disease.
Especially not if you live in a place like Jamaica where there is no health care.

Talk about Jamaica

We have a Ministry of Health and so called Minister, who wastes time, money and effort in his hysteria against cigarettes.

Cigarettes have never been much a a health problem in Jamaica. The reason that the so-called Minister focused on Cigarettes instead of Chik-V is because he's incompetent.

Incompetent idiots, given any position of power always go for 'soft targets'. As a Principal of a school he'll focus on dress, not academics.

As a manager he'll focus on punching in and out, not on the work done.

As a Minister of Health, he'll make a big deal over the kind of 'issue' which can not 'defend itself'.

Chik-v's approach was known for months. It was known that the virus was coming to Jamaica. It was known but Absolutely nothing at all whatsoever was done in any way shape or form to protect the public.

There was no fogging, no cleaning of drains, no pro-active intervention. Chik-v has come and now covers Jamaica. It is conservatively estimated that 60% of the population has been struck by this virus.

To give you an example; Halfway Tree Court House has 8 Court rooms. Only 2 were operating last week; that is because the Judges have Chik-V.

Health Care? In Jamaica?

The Minister of Health, who knows exactly what our 'Health Clinics' are, and has 'no money' to improve them, knew that saying there is 'no cure', would keep the pressure off.

No one with the brains of a gerbil would waste money, time, effort, and risk their lives going to go to a medical facility when they could hope into their local their Pharmacy.

After the only 'remedy' is to take cetamol or paracetamol, why go to a Doctor or so-called 'clinic', pay for the priveledge of being treated like dirt, wait a few hours to get a prescription for cetamol or paracetamol, have to go to the Pharmacy to buy these over the counter medications, but, because it is written in a prescription, have to pay 15% extra?

As the Minister knows the limitations of the Health Sector, he could prevent a crowd (over ten people) coming to a 'Clinic', staffed by sadistic and stupid 'nurses', an overworked doctor, (who doesn't speak English well, having come from some 'Fourth World' country), and thus, he could honestly announce that there were only 39 cases of Chik-V in Jamaica.

You see how clever he is?


I got Chik-V and was so sick I couldn't walk. A taxi carried me to the Pharmacy. I was helped in. I told the Pharmacist; I have Chik-V. He asked my symptoms. I told him. He sold me Cetamol, an over the counter pain killer and fever reducer.

I was sick from Sunday to Sunday. I stayed home. On the next Monday I went to work. I was at 75% so babied myself. The next weekend I babied myself. The following Monday I was about 90% and didn't push.

I did a bit of canvassing. A lot of people I know are or were sick with Chik-V. They are also taking cetamol. This is because the Pharmacies are out of Paracetamol, considering how many thousands of people have Chik-v.

The Minister is saying there are only 39 cases of Chik-V. This is a lie so enormous that it should go in the Guinness Book.

There are thousands of people who have it. Factories are running at half capacity, schools are closed in St. Thomas. But because most people don't go to the so-called 'Health Clinics' to sit for four hours and be treated like dirt, (and pay for the priveledge) the Minister can say there are only 39 diagnoised cases.

Jamaica is suffering a terrible epidemic of a debilitating dengue like viris. And it WAS being swept under the carpet.

Turn on the Camera

In Jamaica we rely on our broadcasters the way other countries rely on their governments or 'watch dog' agencies. If you can get TV-J or CVM to show up with a camera and a microphone, you can effect change.

Living in a Kakistocracy, you know the worst people will get the powerful jobs. You know every government agency is staffed with people who have little or no education, can't find better jobs, and are as interested in the work as I am in tractors. You can't expect anyone in our so-called 'Health Service' to give a fart about the people who attend the so-called ' Health Clinics' nor the butcher shops which pass as hospitals.

But get a reporter on spot, get those cameras running, and suddenly there's an interest. Suddenly everyone one of our Kakas, be they on the government side or the Opposition, are activated.

Television Jamaica has done more for Health Care in Jamaica through its constant coverage of the Chikungunya epidemic than the Ministry of Health has done in the past ten years.

Because the reporters keep Chik-V as a lead or second lead story, the Government of Jamaica has been activated.

(Photos from

Too Late

Suddenly the Prime Minister is out with a team, 'cleaning gulleys'. Suddenly there is fogging. Suddenly there is a massive importantation of cetamol and paracetamol by the Government.

Chik-V, which was slapped aside by the Minister of Health, (who, being devoid of integrity has not resigned, and the Prime Minister, who shares his deficit does not demand this) is suddenly Front Page.

If you have the intellect of the average hamster, you would know that if gullys were cleaned, if there was fogging, if some attempt had been made to get rid of mosquitos we wouldn't have an epidemic.

But this is Jamaica. One can't expect any government agency to do anything except:

a) spend/waste money
b) give jobs to their current lovers, relatives and people who have secrets for them, as well as other political hopefuls.

If Ebola reaches Jamaica there will not be many survivors.
In fact, outside of hermits in hills and shut-ins, everyone is going to die.

If we can not deal with a mosquito carried disease (assuming that is how it spreads), how can we deal with something as dangerous as Ebola?


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author avatar kaylar
18th Oct 2014 (#)

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
19th Oct 2014 (#)

Awesome and interesting post!

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author avatar kaylar
19th Oct 2014 (#)

Thank you Fern.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Oct 2014 (#)

You make it sound like you are sitting ducks but I am sure the government would act quick, if for no other reason than to try to prevent themselves from getting it.

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author avatar kaylar
22nd Oct 2014 (#)

Nope. Members of Parliament had it and have it. Judges Have it. The D.P.P. had it. Trust me, we are sitting ducks.

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