Children's allergies caused by Anti-bacterial products

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Allergies in our Children are on the increase! Scientist have proven and reported that a clean house is not a healthy house.

Children's allergies caused by Anti-bacterial products

This report really tells anyone who grew up in the 1950‘s what we already new. Remember the days when you played in the mud, ate dirt mud-cakes and splashed in the deepest bug ridden puddles you could find. Today Scientists admit that this was probably not a bad thing and in-fact helped us to develop a strong immune system.

Today scientists say anti-bacterial ingredients in some soap, toothpaste, and mouthwash could all be contributing to severe allergies in children. Nut allergies, asthma and other allergies are dramatically increasing in our young children and teenagers and shows signs of rapidly getting out of control.

When I was a young lad I have to be honest I had nether heard of nut allergies and I am sure I certainly did not hear about anyone, who suffered from a cologne or aftershave allergy. In New Brunswick, Canada for instance it is illegal to wear aftershave or any other scented products when visiting a government building and this includes, hospitals, and doctors surgeries, it is even illegal to wash with any scented soap products before your visit.

Scientists also found that children showing high levels of anti-bacterial chemicals such as triclosan also had double the risk of food and environmental allergies. Doctors were not surprised by the findings, because anti-bacterial kill off useful microbes that help us to cope with everyday allergies. The problem is getting so bad that six per cent of North American children now have environmental or food allergies.

Finally it has been reported that auto-immune diseases, such as asthma, allergies, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory diseases are increasing at an alarming rate in the western hemisphere, while in places like Africa, where it's still a more dirty world allergies have not increased in the same period of time.

So is it not time for us to allow our children the opportunity to get more dirty and not to be so overprotective of them, for it looks like a little dirt and dust can after all, be good for our youngsters.



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