Choices for Teen Birth Control

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Teens should understand the options that are available for birth control should they decide to become sexually active. Information about the risks and protection should be made available for the safety of their health and future.


Teens who decide to become sexually active should be responsible and use birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The most reliable form of birth control is abstinence. Those who do decide to become active, should take the responsibility and get the kind of contraceptives which fit their type of lifestyle the best. Teens should make appointments with their doctor or the nearest family planning clinics if they are interested in obtaining birth control.


Contraceptives are used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Any teen who decides to become sexually active should be using contraceptives. A teen who is interested in engaging in sexual activity should contact a doctor or the nearest family planning clinic so that the proper measures can be taken to prevent pregnancy.


The most reliable form of birth control for teens is abstinence. When teens do not participate in sexual activity, they have a zero percent of becoming pregnant. There are other ways to enjoy a relationship such as hand holding, hugging, dancing, or even just going out on dates such as the movies or a fun sport such as bowling or miniature golf.

The Pill

One type of popular method of birth control is the pill. The pill can be up to ninety-nine effective when used properly. Those who use the pill should take it at the same time of day-every day. Pills do not protect against STD's. Smoking will increase the chance of heart attack, blood clots, or stroke for those who decide to use the pill as a contraceptive.

The Shot -Depo-Provera

Depo Provera is effective for up to twelve weeks. It does not need to be taken every day. You will receive the shot every twelve weeks to help prevent pregnancy. It is ninety-seven to ninety-nine percent effective. Some common side effects to this type of birth control are headaches, some weight gain, or irregular menstrual periods.


A ring is worn for up to three weeks, and then discarded on the fourth week. It will protect against pregnancy for at least one month. It is 99.7 percent effective. This could be one of the easiest forms of birth control as there is no pill to take daily. The ring does not prevent against STD's.

The Condom

A condom is worn by the male during intercourse. There must not be any leaks or breaks or it will become ineffective to protect against pregnancy. The condom is eighty-five to ninety-eight effective depending if it is used correctly. Condoms can be purchased in drugstores and pharmacies. This is one of the most inexpensive forms of birth control.

Where Can Teens Obtain Birth Control?

Most all types of contraceptives can be purchased at family planning clinics. Appointments have to be made ahead of time, and there is paperwork that must be filled out. Counseling is sometimes available too.

Advice for Parents

Do not be afraid to speak to your children about their relationships, feelings or answer any questions that they may have. It is important to discuss sexual intercourse to your children at an early age by using age appropriate topics and examples. By speaking to your children and keeping an open relationship, it could possibly prevent any unplanned pregnancies.


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author avatar drelayaraja
19th Jul 2010 (#)

Great info for teens

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author avatar Denise O
5th Dec 2010 (#)

I agree 100%, we should speak to our children.
I made it a point to do that with my two kids and it all worked out just fine.
I will admit there were a few akward moments with my
son but, it has to be said by us, the parents.
What a wonderful and thourough look at this subject.
Good job.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Denise O
5th Dec 2010 (#)

Ariana, add some tags when you have your article in draft. So people will find your work.
it should be spread around.:

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author avatar Pink&Blue
23rd Jun 2011 (#)

Good article.

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author avatar Humza
17th Sep 2011 (#)

Righto, the best thing is that parents and kids should communicate with each other to avoid usage of any such controls and preventions!

good write and thnx for sharin ariana :)

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