Christmas and fat bellies

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We are what we eat and, therefore, we're to watch what we eat. We don't want to be slim because it's more attractive, but simply because it's healthy.

Christmas and fat bellies

I read a post on FB, claiming that ''The turkey's gone. The sweets have gone, but the belly's still here.''
Now that the festive season has ended, many people are shocked when they look themselves in the mirror. Ouch! Is that me? but, unfortunately it's you, but nobody else.
This is the result of too much excess before and during the Christmas season.
We've had all sort of parties and gatherings that we couldn't refuse. Why not? it's Christmas and we want to enjoy ourselves.
_ Roast turkey or lamb with all the trimmings.
_ All sorts of goodies have been on the tables and they have been offered to us. ''Come on! It's Christmas! Have one of this! They're yummy!''
Wherever we've been, there have been a box or a tray with delicious bites to tempt us.
Then, the weather hasn't helped us much either. Who's to take exercise seriously when it's so cold outside and, anyway, there's so much to prepare for Day D?
Carrying shopping bags from the supermarket to our cozy nest has most probably been all the exercise we've done.
It's only fair to enjoy ourselves during this period, but moderation is key.
Being slim isn't only attractive, but it's what we've to be the year round.
What to do then?
We're what we eat. Therefore, we're to have a look to what we eat and to eat in moderate portions, according to age, height and daily activity. Some women will claim that they have kids and, therefore, they've to be on the move non stop, but let me say that this won't help nor the fact that we've to do the housework.
1 You don't have to starve just because you've gained few pounds during the season and your fat belly is still here, but you've to have three square meals a day and no nibbling in between meals, that is, breakfast, lunch and evening meal.
2. No to convenience food, because you feel lazy to cook every meal.
3. If one has three square, cooked meals a day, one should feel well and not to need nibbling.
4. Vegetables, red meat whether grilled or stewed, fish, fruit, rice and a choice of legumes should be in your diet.
5. One may join in a gym, do pilates or whatever, but just a two hour brisk walk will do too and it comes free of charge. Or, a swim instead of a walk.
We don't want to lose these gained pounds to show our best by the pool or in the beach when warm weather is back again, but we want to be slim, because it's simply best for our health.
Learn to say ''No, thank you.'' when someone tempts you with biscuits, a yummy piece of cake or a box of chocolates. If you've had three cooked square meals, you won't need all this in between.
Enjoying ourselves is fair, but moderation should be key.

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8th Jan 2015 (#)

Awesome post and one of a kind writing!

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