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Colors are basically everywhere. Life is not complete when there are no colors around. How can colors help enhance your life more?

Red color

Colors can even speak something about our personality, our moods and our style. We are all different people and we do have our favorite color and colors that we hate. As mysterious as it can be, the colors may speak something about our moods and personality.

Too much color can be irritating but a colorless, grey surroundings sure looks drab and boring. Colors definitely has some power to help ourselves feel good or feel uncomfortable.

One of the basic colors we have is the red color-among the 3 basic colors- red, blue and yellow. From that 3 colors we can combine them together to come up with endless possibilities of shades or new colors.

When we have red color in our minds the things that enters our minds right away are things like red apple, red lipstick, red blood, red hearts.

When we think of red, we see it as a powerful color, quite dominating color. In fact, we seldom wear red color dress during ordinary days but on special occasions only. Products usually use red color packaging to get attention of buyers, they say it attracts more money.

Basically, the power of red based on esoteric knowledge is that it is a color of passion, aggression, love, courage, will power, sexuality, even color of war, danger and revolution.

So aggressive people would surely like this color and also those who want to appear sexually attractive. When we sense the temperature of colors red colors definitely is a hot color so when the electricity is on we usually see a red light that indicate it is hot.

People with strong preference for red color are assertive, advancing, have great passion, energy, dominating and adventurous.

People with strong aversion for the red color are said to be hot-tempered, resisting people with assertive characteristics, and even impulsive.

For me I really hate the red color to see it too often. Red color has different shades and I want red colors that are not bright red but little flat dark red colors.

Since it is an energizing color, you may want to add touch of red to your surroundings when you feel lazy or bored. Red colors are needed for important occasions, like during Christmas time, we see it is one of yuletide colors.

You will simply get a lot of attention if you wear bright red lipsticks or wear a red dress. So we can say, red is a color of success and color of liveliness and victory.


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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
27th Jun 2012 (#)

Thank you, avery, for an interesting page. I immediately thought of "red for danger" and "waving a red flag in front of a bull."

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author avatar avery sandiego
27th Jun 2012 (#)

Yes, good example. thank you

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author avatar Retired
1st Oct 2013 (#)

Interesting article.

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