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Colors we see everyday do have some special influence or power that we may not seem to notice at all. If colors have some healing effects for the mind and spirit what can it be?

White light, white color

Basically we do not easily noticed it but there are colors that make us feel uneasy and colors that makes us feel relaxed. More than adding interest, variety, livening up the things we see in our surroundings, colors do play important role.

One of the benefits of studying about colors and their healing properties is how they can possibly alter our moods, emotions, or mental states.

So, one of the simplest and basic color is the white color. For us white color is actually a colorless, neutral color-meaning no color at all but we do need the shade of white. Artists do mix the white color to lighten the shade of a pure color.

Good thing about white light is it is associated with Divine Light as we see in many illustrations depicting white rays of light.

In ancient/esoteric knowledge, they associate white color with purification, inner healing, consecration and spiritual enlightenment.

People with strong preference for white color were described to value simplicity, cleanliness, purity, innocence, and truth.

People with strong aversion to white color tend to be realistic people who are not so much into illusions and they don't wish too much perfection in life.

You can imagine things or objects that comes usually in white colors like the clouds, white roses, pearls, liquid milk, a clean white paper or tissue paper.

If you want to cleanse your mind somehow, return to basics, find inner healing from your past hurts, the white color can certainly help you.

There are times you want to avoid the color white probably because you don't need the healing it provides but if your a bit stress, quite confused or your spirit seems to be full of negativity, you may find yourself seeking refuge with this color.

White is really a fresh color and also less cluttered, so if you want to look simple and polish white is a perfect color. Though having all white color in a room can be boring or even irritating.

Identify your special spiritual or emotional needs right now and see on how you can use the power of white color to change your mood and improve your well-being.


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25th Jun 2012 (#)

Thank you, Avery. This is an interesting page. There is also white sound.

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