Cleaning negative energy with salt

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Negative energy is something you don't really need in your life,isn't it ?
Positive energy,on the other hand,can always help you and make you feel better. do you make a change ?

How to clean negative energy in your home with salt

Our home is a special place,our sanctuary,the only place in the world where we should feel safe and sound.Our little Universe where we have more influence on space then in the rest of the world.
This is how it is supposed to be.
But,sometimes we just can't avoid the negative energy coming into our home.
There are two main ways the negative energy can come into our home.
It can be brought by other people whose energy is not positive or it can be created by people who live in the home.
When we know this big rule,it is clear that we have small chances to avoid negative energy in our home.Since we can't avoid it,we can do something that can help us and protect us.
We can clean the energy around us.And the best natural way to clean energy is with salt.
Salt has the most interesting and the most powerful characteristics.
It cleans the air of all the negativities on a natural way and it leaves a good energy behind.
Mind you,that are all characteristics that only natural,sea salt possesses and when we do this cleaning ritual,we use sea salt.
So...the whole process is actually very simple and I will lead you step by step thru the ritual.
First you have to vacuum your entire home.
Next step is to relax a little.If it is possible,meditate.
You can use any meditation that you usually do.If you don't meditate you can simply relax for 15 or 20 minutes.
After that,you are ready to start.Take some salt and put it on a little plate.Five or six tea spoons will be enough.Best way to do this ritual is when you are alone.You don't need the influence of other people and you will be more relaxed when you are alone in the house.
Take the salt and you are ready to go.
You have to enter every room in the house,literally every.Take the pinch of salt and leave it in every corner of every room in the house.
If you feel ok with that,say a little invocation or request for positive energy in your home every time you take the salt and place it in the corner.
What are you going to say depends entirely on you and your wishes for your home.
I personally say : "I am grateful for all the positive energy in my home".
That is basically it,you have to go thru the whole house and then the ritual is over.
Very simple,isn't it?
Have in mind that in life all good things are simple and that we can get a lot of help from nature.
You can leave the salt for a week or until the next time you vacuum.
You can repeat the whole process again after every cleaning.
Soon you will feel the difference in you home.
There is no hurt in trying,isn't it?
Try it,you will be amazed!
Hope you will do the ritual and that it will become your rutine.

And I wish you a lot of positive energy in your home.
If you have some extra at home,you can always take some with you when you go outside!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th Aug 2013 (#)

Interesting share Georgina, thank you. We all need positive energy in life - siva

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author avatar Georgina
20th Aug 2013 (#)

Glad you like it,thanks!

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author avatar shoesus3
20th Aug 2013 (#)


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author avatar doinitza45
20th Aug 2013 (#)

I wish I could do this ritual to bring positive energy in my house, but I did sea salt. Can I use regular salt?

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author avatar Georgina
20th Aug 2013 (#)

Well,sea salt is better.
Usually,ordinary kitchen salt is sea salt,at least in Europe.

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author avatar King
12th Dec 2017 (#)

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author avatar King
12th Dec 2017 (#)


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