Cola Nut Rejuvenates and Boosts Your Libido

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Mother Nature has provided a lot of plants to rejuvenate your energy and enhance your libido. Modern busy world has lost its touch with her to find solutions for their health problems. Here is a tropical plant which has the treasure chest to stimulate your weak nerves, relieve your fatigue and boost your libido.

Nature provides herbs and natural aphrodisiac sources

Modern world is mad after searching for remedies such as Viagra prescriptions to energize the nerves and boost the sex power. Modern lifestyle is so busy in so many things that it has no time to turn to search the treasure chest of mother nature for its health problems. There are plenty of herbs and natural aphrodisiac sources that can boost and spice up libido and make love life happier and fruitful

Natural plants as aphrodisiacs

Modern commercial world is more sexy with attractive advertisements of energy boosting products such as Viagra. Most of the Viagra products have many adverse effects of which people may not be aware. But natural aphrodisiac sources found in plant world can boost your energy and strengthen immunity without causing much side effects. Cola or Kola nut is one of such libido enhancing natural plants.

Cola nut the energizer

Originated in Western Africa, cola tree is found in many tropical climate countries. Cola nut is the seed of Cola tree which is used as medicine. There are various species of cola nuts. Only two of them, namely cola nitida and cola acuminata, are edible and commonly used. They contain caffeine related chemicals which serve as energy boosting properties.

Cola nut has been traditionally used to enhance nervous and mental power. People in Africa used to chew the nuts to enhance their mental alertness and fight fatigue. It is interesting to note that centuries ago the Arabs traded cola nuts for gold to energize them to proceed their journey into the Sahara Desert.

Cola nut boosts libido

Traditionally cola nut has been known to improve the mental energy, suppress appetite, and stimulate the sex drive. A little bitter in taste, cola nut relieves fatigue from body and mind. It is good for nausea and morning sickness. It also helps to refresh body and mind. The antioxidants found in cola nut help humans overcome their fatigue and keep them active. The important property of tannin which makes the distinct characteristic of decreasing caffeine absorption enables cola nut boost the spice of love energy. Thus the cola nuts stimulate and prolong sexual urges and intensely revitalize libido both in men and women.

Although cola nut has properties to energize and boost libido, experts suggest that it should be used moderately. Excess use may accompany nervousness, heart irregularities, etc.


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