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No cold or flu is not treated with antibiotics. Are viral infection, antibiotics only affect bacterial infections.

No cold or flu is not treated with antibiotics.

Cold and Flu
Both are caused by viruses. No cold caused by cold or drinking cold liquids, that to kill in the bud a first myth. Influenza is caused by influenza virus types A, B or C. Colds are viral infections light, adults are about 1-2 per year, young children can cool even once a month or more often takes up most of the antibodies to viruses that circulating in the community. No cold or flu is not treated with antibiotics. Are viral infection, antibiotics only affect bacterial infections.

How to distinguish them before we get to the doctor?

Much like: to feel bad cold few days and the liquid or runny nose snot to feel terrible flu for several days and have not necessarily problems with snot. The flu season begins in autumn and ends in spring, we are now fixed at mid-season.

Influenza comes with intense muscle pain, chills, high fever first, shortness of breath, headache terrible pain.

Coldness comes with fatigue, discomfort, runny nose or flowing, mild fever. Start with neck pain after 1-2 days passing. Snot become transparent and thick yellow or green, and it does not necessarily mean bacterial superinfection, but that the body fight the virus began (dead cells of the immune system give dark color of snot).

The cold is contagious during the first three days of symptoms. So flu.

When the baby shower is the doctor?

At first cold or flu when you have no experience and are very stressed. While a more relaxed you. It's still good to go to the pediatrician:

- If the fever does not decrease with anti-pyretic and persists for more than three days (a sign of bacterial superinfection, to be treated with specific antibiotics, not with any antibiotic of the house)
- If the cough is very serious or child has dificulăţi in breathing (risk of bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia)
- If you refuse solids and liquids little more than 24 hours
- When the little accuses terrible pain in the neck
- If you suspect headaches or ear (otitis or sinusitis possible)
- Dizziness, confusion, vomiting

How to treat flu and colds?

Normally, colds do not need treatment. Flu symptoms come and sometimes aggressive antiviral treatment is recommended, recommended by a doctor (there to us as sachets, tablets or powder for inhalation).

To reduce discomfort caused by flu or cold, can interfere with antifebrile, anti-inflammatory and soothing (we use Nurofen for children, oral suspension, I wrote about it in the article about the accident on foot here and fall, here).

Many liquids warm with honey and lemon, fruit and vegetables, high doses of Vitamin C and D, propolis, sea buckthorn, onions cut into headboards (never went wrong, but I leave, can I get lucky) than Eucalyptus essential oil strewn everywhere (it has antiviral properties).


How to prevent flu and colds?

As far as possible avoid crowded enclosed spaces (indoor playgrounds, walking with small bus). We wash our hands often with soap and warm water at least 20 seconds on each machine, every entrance, before meals and sleep.

about snot

At the onset, snot transparent and liquid are usually full of virus particles, now is the most contagious disease. That's the point, really: runny nose, you eat, you scratch your nose, the virus reaches his hand, then all the things we touch, from there on hands and body away in others.

A few days later, when the snot turns yellow or green, a sign that the body already struggling with the virus, the disease is no longer contagious.

I am not big fan of ampoules and vials anti-snot, I tried everything once along time, none of them had any effect, so I learned to wait and intervene only when the situation is serious or child choking during sleep. When the nose is clogged, unclog it work: with drops of eucalyptus drip mats, aerosol saline seawater spray, steam baths than hot. If runny nose, delete it often and invite Sofia to blow.

I'm not mad even after aspiration. We observed that both children, how I aspire more so than I sucked, it's a vicious circle naturally if we think that they are a form of defense of labor and the body will do anything to defend himself. Batista baby seems horror, I tried it myself and then I threw it in the trash. When the job is ultra serious and younger can not breathe, put a few drops of saline, wait a few minutes and then shoot a furtunaş which one end is fixed to narrate the child and the parent shoot at the other end. It's noisy and works very well, Ivan was amused when he aspire (he has snot from 6 weeks, ie more than three months, then I sucked at first, now I leave alone, do not bother any sleep or sucking). Do not vacuum more often three times a day and no more than a few days in a row. Sofia blows their nose already, so it's easier to. Increase humidity in the rooms.

Some doctors recommend anti-allergic medicines to reduce the production of snot, I never gave me one (and I had many snot all colors, some have taken three months to Sofia this year). Just as some doctors recommend antibiotic yellow snot. If you suspect bacterial infection, a nasal swab should you clarify where appropriate antibiotic to interfere with it or not. In most cases go away.


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