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Colon cleansing is now becoming popular in developed countries.

History of Colon cleansing

The basic of Colon cleansing is from the belief of Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians believed that the toxic substances which are produced in the intestine if not removed properly would absorbed by the body to the circulatory system which would later produce more complication and fever.

√Člie Metchnikoff, a nobel prize winner for medicine strongly recommend colon cleansing good for health. The phenomena of auto-intoxication widened after his period. He recommended that if the toxins are not removed from our intestine properly and regularly it could shorten lifespan. Many doctors believe that the many diseases are due to unhealthy colon. To have good health detoxification of the colon is very essential and it is recommended by doctors.

Procedure of colon cleansing

As now Colon cleansing are popularised, we have to know about the methods usually followed in colon cleansing. Before starting with any procedure in colon cleansing adequate intake fibers is recommended. The fibers are the essential nutrients in food needed to increase the bulk of feces.

There are two major method in colon cleansing:

By means of administering the colon cleansing product through rectum.
By means of taking diet and other medicinal product regularly for colon cleansing.

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Benefits of Colon cleansing

You have now idea how the colon cleansing acts best in our body. The benefits of doing colon cleansing is given below:

As it is a detoxification method, it will clean our body and get rid of the toxins which would be stored in colon. It will enhance our health by means of removing free radicals in our body, by absorbing the excessive water and other waste product.
People who suffer from Chronic constipation would get relieved sooner with this method. Irregular bowel habits, alternating constipation and diarrhea are relieved by colon cleaning method.
Many felt that there is weight loss after doing colon cleansing. As the excessive fecal matter is removed from the cleaning procedure it will reduce body weight to minimum of four pounds.
As the waste products and free radicals are removed, the chance of getting colon cancer is reduced.
The acne problem is related to stomach complaints. Constipation plays a vital role in repeated acne formation even there is normal hormonal balance. Colon cleansing thus helps in fairer skin and acne free skin.
Other than this, there is a refresh feeling as most of the wastes stored in the colon is removed.

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Colon Cleansing, Colonoscopy

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That is a very important and informative article! People must understand about the Colon cleansing and practice it, as it will keep one always happy and healthy! Thanks a lot for sharing dear Bharati!

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Most people are following it now. Thanks for sharing your views.

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Thanks for the information dear Bharathi!

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