Coloured food to be healthy and slim

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The more coloured our food, the healthier and in better form we´ll be and there won´t be need to go hungry.

Coloured food to be healthy and slim

This is the time to be showered not only with Spring rain, but also with so called expert and miraculous slim diets. Everyone has put on weight because of hibernation and starchy, sugary and convenince foods.. We'll notice this the minute we look ourselves in the mirror, trying to put on last year summery garments.
Is one to go hungry for want of droping a couple of sizes? I rather not.
It´s what I heard a nutritionist said in one of the Masterchef junior episodes. The more coloured food we have, the healthier our diet will be.
What does coloured food mean? Does it mean that we´ve to paint it beforehand?
Absolutely not. If it´s completely red, it means that we´re eating way too much meat. If too green, it means we´re eating too many vegetables and so on and so forth.
It´s by combining all these colours of food that we´ll be having a balanced diet, that is, a coloured one.
- Red meat should be eaten once a week at least, because of its proteins.
- Legumes such as lentils, beans or chickpeas twice a week, because of their vitamins and minerals. If cooked well, they can make up a full meal.
- A daily ounce of dark chocolate.
- Root and green vegetables every day.
- Blue fish for its Omega 3 at least once a week.
- Red or whitish potatoes.
- The varied colours of fresh fruit.
Now, let´s paint our nutritious canvas: a dash or red (meat) dark green of lentils, rosy beans or yeallowish chickpeas, dark brown of chocolate, merry orange of carrots and a variety of green hues of our vegetables with a dash of red or withish of the spuds plus a variety of seasonal colours of fresh fruit. Doesn´t it make a gorgeous painting to eat?
This canvas will be painted everyday with a bit of every colour. If too much red, it means that there´s too much meat...
No need to starve to be slim and in good form to show our best this Summer, but let´s try to paint as a colourful canvas as we can and we can´t go wrong with our diet as well as enjoying and loving our food.

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