Com Petere, or Compete? A poem by Uttik

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Is competition truly healthy, as it is often touted to be? Could it not be that we were meant to work as a team, and collectively benefit? Here's a look at the comparison.

Com Petere, or Compete?

(Latin: Com=together, Petere=Aim/Seek)

A dark morning on the moor, hearts pounding,
As we warily drew closer, yet staying concealed,
We signaled to each other with eyes and hands,
Goob suddenly leaped out, running straight at the beast,
In that moment of spot decision the yak turned back and ran straight towards us,
A dozen hands threw spears and three stuck, one a death strike,
Now we would not go hungry for many a sunrise.
Com petere.

Before the next hunt, a firm voice summoned Goob,
My son, you must deal the death strike today.
But mother, how does it matter, we all share the kill, we eat together, do we not?
No, Goob. I am sick of hearing Moog's mother gloat over his strength and skill. You must be the one today.

Kelsa, we are all out of berries. Run over to the woods and gather some, would you?
Yes mother.
And Kelsa, go ask the others in the village if they would like some too.
Yes mother, I will take my friends too, so we can bring back enough for all.
Com petere.

Eldin, I need you to run out to the woods and fetch us some berries.
Mother, can I go a little later?
No, Eldin, you must rush and gather everything before our neighbor sends her children there.

Siljun, have you prepared well for your exam tomorrow?
Yes, mother.
Be a dear, and help your friend, Nibar, too, would you? She has been struggling with her learning.
Com petere.

Chukra, are you ready for the exam tomorrow?
Yes, mother.
Listen, if Phangi asks your help or for you books, you must not help her, okay?
But mother, she is my friend!
I don't care, I don't want her to do better than you.

Friends, my daughter has been having the time of her life.
She has participated in tennis tournaments over the past three months,
Her friends have won several prizes,
They have really helped each other all through,
She's really happy to be with them, and has gained so much from the experience!

That is so wonderful to hear!
We are so happy for them all!
Com petere.

Friends, guess what! My son has been inducted into his school's hall of fame, for cross country racing.
Well done!
Great news!
However, he is sad, as he stood third in the state meet.
Devaar, I wish him the best, he should beat everyone, the next time!

Mothers of this world,
Fathers of this world,
Sisters and brothers of this world,
Choose ye wisely, choose ye well,
Striving together, com petere, you shall find contentment,
Striving for your sole self, as you compete, you shall find only contention.


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