Common Dieting Mistakes

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You are diet-conscious, yet when you step on the weighing scales, you are disappointed that there is no drop in the weight. What went wrong?

Common Dieting Mistakes

You are diet-conscious and make all efforts to follow the diet so assiduously worked out by your dietician. Despite all the pleadings from friends and family to go easy on the diet once in a while, you swear by your commitment; yet when you step on the weighing scales, you are disappointed when there is no drop in the weight, or it’s negligibly small.

The following lists some of the common mistakes we all commit:

  • One of the reasons for the disappointing results is that you could be eating more than you remember or take into account. When asked to recount what they ate the entire day, most people recall only the main courses; they won't recall eating the left-overs from their kids' plates, they won't remember tasting chunks of food while preparing it. You might be nibbling while trying to write that business proposal or you may be gulping coffee while waiting for the client to turn up. Every bit adds up. You need not curb your cravings all the while, but being mindful of what goes into your mouth is important. Record it in your dieting diary; at least it will prevent complacency over amnestic eating from creeping in.

  • Don't eat while driving. Don't eat while reading books or while watching TV, because you will tend to eat more than you need, often even without relishing it. Eating is a serious business, and it shouldn't be treated flippantly. Such disciplined eating would discourage "mindless munching".

  • Skipping breakfast can make you gain weight. Many persons skip breakfast, but when the mid-morning hunger pangs hit them, they eat anything they can lay their hands on. Readjust your schedules to allot sufficient time for breakfast. Similarly, when somebody returns home tired from work, it’s so easy to plop down in the couch in front of the TV, eating calorie-laden, deep fried snacks. Keep your fridge free from all the forbidden stuff, and keep stocks of all the good stuff. Keep vegetables cut and ready for a quick toss of salad.

  • You are eating the veggies, the salad, like a rabbit. That's low cal, isn't it? But what about the high-fat toppings you add, the cheesy cream that you smother it with? Instead of buying commercial products, you can make it yourself and preserve them for future. That way you can have greater control over the quality and quantity of fat. With a little imagination, you can make interesting variations too. You can add herbs, nuts and dry fruits to add some zing to it.

  • Eat your food slowly, savoring every bit of it, it gives you the satiety as you reach your last morsel; otherwise the time taken by the brain to produce the feeling of fullness reaches you long after you have overeaten.

  • Drinking commercial fruit juices can add to your weight. Choose fresh fruits over juices. Not only will you be cutting on the calories, you will be adding the much-needed fiber as well. Also, just because something is nutritious or low fat, one cannot gorge endlessly on that.

  • Avoid foods that contain monosodium glutamate, an excitotoxin that may trigger intense or recurring carbohydrate cravings and weight gain.

  • Eat smaller meals, but at more frequent intervals throughout the day; this way you can keep your blood sugar and insulin levels from shooting up and promoting fat storage and slower metabolism.

  • Most important, drink plenty of water. No; coffee, tea, red bull, beer or other beverages won’t count. They add to the acidic overload of the body, and as you have probably learned, the acidic environment encourages weight gain. Take a deep breath; this improves the pH by increasing the alkalinity of the blood and helps you to lose weight.
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