Complete Cure of Cancer is possible with the help of modern treatment?

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Cancer can be treatable and patients can survive for many years.After diagnosing the cancer, patient must know about the disease and consult with the doctor about treatment,
which one is applicable to him/her

Modern Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a disease that can develop in a particular part of the body and can grow, divide and re-divide. Some forms of Cancer can spread from one part to another part of our body. Breast cancer cell spreads to liver through blood circulation and forms liver cancer. Though, it is called breast cancer. Some cancers are occurred genetically. Because, due to damage of DNA the normal cells of our body develops cancer cells. People can inherit damaged DNA from their parents. Some cancers can occur by some external factors like excessive smoking, exposure of excessive sunlight, taking lots of fatty diet etc.

On the other hand, some cancer forms tumors and grows rapidly which life is threatening. Again, leukemia, blood cancer is very dangerous and bears costly treatment. But, if cancer is identified at the earlier stage, it can be easily treatable and patients can survive for many years.

About the decision-making process for Cancer Patient :

After affecting and diagnosing the cancer, patient must know about the disease, type and stage of the cancer, which body part is affected and about its speediness.

1. The patient must consult with doctor about various treatment options and which one is applicable to him/her. There are naturally two types of treatment plans- one is disease-directed treatment (which is used to stop, slow and eliminate the cancer) and another is supportive treatment (manage symptoms and side effects). Patient can receive both treatments at a time.

2. The patient must know about the side effects of various treatments. For that case, patient can take second and third option from another oncologist.

3. The cost of treatment is huge and undetermined so; patient should manage his/her financial plan before beginning of the treatment. The patient can consult with ASCO (The American Society of Clinical Oncology) and different cancer consulting organization for their various suitable treatment plans.

About cancer treatment :

Today’s’ medical science is developed and takes lots of advanced technology and drugs to reduce the cancer completely. Some of the treatment options are discussed below :-

1. Surgery : This procedure can cure the cancer completely but if the cancer has not spread to other parts of the body. Different cancer requires different types of surgery process but the surgery is not applicable to all types of cancers.

2. Chemotherapy :
It is the process of the application of medicines or drugs used for treating cancer in a specialized way. But, this treatment tends to heavy pressure of the patients and requires frequently.

3. Radiation Therapy and Targeted Therapy :
It is the application of waves or high-energy particles or drugs to cancer cells to eliminate the affected cells.

4. Immunotherapy : It is the procedure of treatment by which body’s immune system can be increased to fight against cancer. Different types of immunotherapy can be used for different types of cancer patients.

5. Different types of stem cell transplantation like bone marrow, cord blood transplantation or peripheral blood transplantation is one of the modern methods for treating cancer patients.

6. Photodynamic therapy and laser therapy are useful to treat cancers. In PDT (Photodynamic Therapy), some special drugs with light are used to kill cancer cells. Laser is a type of careful surgical process which is applied to cancel cells as beam of light.

7. Blood Transfusion : This type of treatment is mainly applicable for blood cancer patients. Blood transfusion and blood products are done to patients occasionally.

Besides the above therapy, Antiangiogenic chemotherapy, adjuvant therapy (colon and testis cancer), Nanotechnology, Angiogenesis, etc are used as modern cancer treatment. In spite of all treatments, cancer patient cannot survive for longer days. Cancer research is advancing now-a-days.


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