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My own personal view of pregnancy with twins, It was my first pregnancy and as I think back now, i was definitely thrown in at the deep end. Every pregnancy is different, as is every mothers experience and of course, every baby.

My first pregnancy

Just about five weeks after my twenty fourth birthday, I had got into work and just about to start my evening shift ( I worked in a London casino at the time) when I felt a little sick, I of course went and sat in the ladies room and was very sick for the next half hour, after managing to pull myself together I finished my shift, by the time I got home I felt fine.
The next day the same thing happened, after limping through my shift at work and feeling OK by the time i got home I made myself a doctors appointment, I had been with my partner about two years and we were getting on very well but when the doctor told me I was pregnant it was a bit of a surprise for both of us and a lot of discussion went on for the next couple of days.
I was on the pill but I had also had a recent bought of stomach flue ( this reduces the effectiveness of the combined contraceptive pill ) although I was working, my job was not secure, i could work for as long as i was able then I could always return after the baby was born so after thinking greatly on the subject we were both excited about being parents.
Then next two weeks however were awful, I was sick all the time, not just in the morning and I couldn't eat or drink anything, Then to top it all, tests at the doctors showed I had a severe water infection, It was late in the afternoon so when I went to the hospital for a 'check up' they decided to keep me in till the following morning for a scan. A night on the expectant mothers ward was illuminating, so much advise from all the other mums, I listened intently to all of them, I was excited and nervous as well, it was very early in the pregnancy and fully aware that things do go wrong, I didn't get much sleep that night and at seven in the morning they took me to the 'pre-natel' clinic for a scan I was still finding it difficult to keep anything in my stomach but i needed to have a full bladder, i did my best and was sipping water as much as I could while in the waiting area with a couple of other ladies. It was a little strange as they had their partners with them but I was on my own, it made me feel a little more apprehensive, then they called me in, the others wished me luck as i went in.
I was five foot two inches and I wore a size 8, I wasn't big and i was not surprised there was no apparent bulge as it was very early stages.

The stenographer was lovely, she said not to worry and asked me a few questions as I lay on the bed, she warned me as it was very early stages they may not be able to see anything yet, then she said "This may be cold" as she put the gel on my exposed belly. It was !!
She ran the hand-held paddle part over my belly while clicking a mouse a few times, then she did it again, then she called her assistant over and they looked at the screen together. I was concerned and asked if everything was ok. The lady turned the screen towards me she said that everything is fine, she said I was about twelve weeks pregnant, then she showed me a blob on the screen with a tiny flicker in the center, "that's the heartbeat" she confirmed then she moved the thing on my belly " and that's the other one, Congratulations, your having twins". I was glad I was laying down!
She printed off three little pictures of the blobs, one of each of them and one of them together, they were labelled twin one and twin two, I was told they were both fine and sent back to the ward in a daze.
The consultant came round, looked at me with a big grin said that I needed some antibiotics for a water infection but other than that double Hormones were to blame for me feeling so bad, he gave me some tablets to stop me being sick and said I could return home I would however need more regular pre-natel appointments to check the twins progress, the nurse were lovely, they told me I could get ready to go but they would leave the bed made up for my other half as he might need it !
As it was, when he arrived to pick me up and I showed him the pictures, after a confused moment it did sink in and the color drained from his face it was a good thing as he had to sit for a little while.
As soon as I got home the tight, skinny jeans came of and I put on some baggy jogging pants I wanted to give the little ones as much space as possible. I gave up work a few weeks later as well, standing for eight hours and lifting heavy tray's of chips were not going to be doing me any favors so I let the other half carry that burden while I carried the babies. The morning sickness eased up after a few weeks but never went completely, there were plenty of times, Suddenly it felt like my stomach dropped and i was instantly starving and i had to eat then right then! If i waited even ten minutes or so i would be sick again, so i always carried a couple of biscuits around with me and at home i had ready made snacks,
All the way through this pregnancy I wanted strawberry milkshake, banana's and ice, i was carrying these babies through a very hot summer, it was the hottest on record.
Every three weeks I went for blood tests and scans and it was all progressing nicely and very quickly I had an enormous bump at the front, from behind I hardly looked pregnant.
By twenty six weeks I was huge, I looked like a weeble, I couldn't see my feet at all and I couldn't put my knees together, At night I had to sleep almost upright or laying on my side with a pillow between my legs because if I tried to put my knees together it felt like my hip was going to pop out of it's socket, I needed help to get out of a chair, I'm sure I must have looked like a flaying turtle on it's back trying to get up.
At twenty nine weeks I was getting contractions and was three centimeters dilated ( that's the cervix opening ready for birth) even though both babies were head engaged and ready it was to soon for them to be born.
They gave me a vitamin K injection in my leg to help the babies lungs and put me on a drip to stop the contractions, I didn't like the drip very much as it made me shake and feel sick but it did the trick, for a few weeks anyway as it happened again at thirty two weeks. The babies were checked and i was given a Doppler scan to make sure the placenta and the umbilical cords were still doing what they should. More injections and another drip, it did the trick again and was soon allowed home as long as I rested. I was so big I couldn't do a lot anyway but hospitals (twenty years ago) were awful places and given the choice i would rather be at home. The twins were active and very often you could make out an elbow or a knee push out and move across my belly it was amazing and a little bit strange all the same there wasn't a lot of room for two babies and both were head down, most times when i was eating it felt like they were playing football with the food.

The Birth

i made it to thirty four and a half weeks then i was in full blown Labor, i was kept in the labor suit as it was my first pregnancy and being twins they wanted to keep a close eye, it was slow progress at first and i committed to using gas and air rather than other pain relief that was available.
It was twenty one years ago now so forgive me if this bit is a little vague, after a couple of hours i was fully dilated and the room was a bit of a circus as their was a mid-wife, nurse and pediatrician for each baby, twin one's head was out (after much pushing and nurse making a small cut so i didn't tear) they told me to stop pushing and pant. The cord was around the first babies neck and that had to be pulled over so the baby could come out, at seven or eight minutes past ten in the morning twin one was born, he weighed five pounds and two ounces, slightly jaundice but fine, then some more pushing and twin two was born at fifteen minutes past ten weighing five pounds and six ounces, he had a small bruise across his nose but otherwise perfect. We spent the first week in hospital as I had edema (swelling, particularly around my feet and ankles) also twin one was a little reluctant to feed. They are identicall because they shared the same placenta, non identical twins have a placenta each. Sometimes it is difficult to tell as the two placenta's are so closely joined it looks like just one
The twin's are handsome young men and are going to be twenty one this year, the time has flown by and if I had the chance I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
If you are by chance told, Congratulations your having twins, the first thing to do is,don't panic!


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I have a sister in law with twins too, not easy that is for sure. Congratulations though.

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