Conquering High Blood Pressure

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Avoid a heart attacks by conquering high blood pressure. It is easily done when you eat the right foods and exercise.

Conquering high blood pressure eat more potassium and walking.

Many people who suffer from high blood pressure could simply defeat it by including more potassium in their diet. The simple fact is that doctors are prescribing potassium in the diet more frequently than using prescription drugs. The link between high blood pressure and potassium intake is so strong that researchers find that by simply adding a larger dose of potassium in the diet that there is no longer a need for medications. The average American usually has an intake of 2,500 mg of potassium. It is now suggested that this be increased another 2,340 mg which is getting very positive results. You may eat foods other than bananas that contain potassium.

Potassium for Heart Health

Potassium in your diet does not mean eating tons of bananas. There are many other foods high in potassium for you to eat. The Ohio State University Medical Center offers the following list that contains from 300-400 mg. of potassium. These foods are very high in potassium and great to add to your diet.
• One cup of slim milk
• One-cup whole milk
• One cup chocolate milk
• Plain yogurt 1 cup
• One cup of fresh avocado
• One cup of fresh cantaloupe
• One cup honey dew melon
• One medium Nectarine
• One medium Apricot
• One whole orange
• One medium banana
• One glass of orange juice from frozen concentrate
• One medium artichoke cooked
• One cup broccoli raw or ½ cup cooked
• One medium white potato baked in skin or 10 if they are fried
• One baked in skin sweet potato
• Tomato paste one cup used in pasta dishes
• Liver, Veal, Fish, Poultry, Pork meat products prepared well
• Split peas, lima beans, pinto beans, and navy beans

Control Blood Pressure with Diet and Exercise

Many other foods are high in potassium that you may want to check out and try. Remember the secret is to keep eating foods high in potassium on a daily basis. High Blood Pressure controlled by your diet and by walking. There are many techniques in finding places to walk to increase your steps, which will decrease your blood pressure. The key is to add a few steps here and there, every day which will add up to a big health bonus. The more you walk the less your blood pressure will become. When you start this program gets a baseline blood pressure reading. Then make sure that you retest every week on the same day and keep a record of your blood pressure readings. When you find that your blood pressure is lowered and stable, ask your physician if you might be able to decrease your blood pressure medication explaining how you manage to lower your blood pressure. When your physician agrees to a lower dose of medication please remain walking even increasing your steps. You may find that eventually you can go off your medication entirely.

Walking Controls Blood Pressure

Walking very seriously to control your blood pressure means do not skip a day nor cut corners walking less. The goal is to increase your steps and strive for about 10,000 steps a day. Buy yourself a pedometer that will record each step you make. The best pedometer should clip to your waistband and found in sporting goods stores. Most people who are inactive find that in the beginning, they record about 4,000 steps a day and by adding an additional 5,000 steps see results in their blood pressure immediately. The secret is to keep walking and to add in extra steps everyday. You can sneak in mini-strolls, walk from the car to the office, use stairs instead of the elevator, and learn to walk smart. There is no real trick to lowering your blood pressure it is a matter of adding potassium to your daily diet and walking smart.


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One of many problems among seniors is how to conquer high blood pressure. Read this article for helpful tips.

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