Contribution of Carbohydrates in our daily lives

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People are sometimes mistaken of their idea about carbohydrates, but it is not bad as others think it would be. In fact, it is a string of life.

The role of Carbohydrates

Don’t you know that human beings are like cars? We need to be fueled in order for us to move and do what we have to. These are just part of the mystery of life. But where do they come from? How can we get it?
This fuel of life is what we called "Carbohydrates". It is used by our body as the source of energy. It is an essential substance that the system of our body badly needed. Without it, how can we survive?
If I were to answer whether carbohydrates is good or bad? I would then say that it is good for our body but too much of it can take one’s life. The carbohydrates are one of the macro molecules of life. Since carbohydrates have three types: monosaccharide, disaccharides and polysaccharides. The simplest unit of carbohydrates among them is the monosaccharide where glucose belongs. As we all know glucose is the simplest sugar which is also called "blood sugar". All carbohydrates are converted to glucose and then carried in blood stream to the cells where they absorb what they need and use it in process of respiration. So if there are too much of it, it can then cause "high blood" which is bad for the system. Aside from glucose we also have fructose, galactose, ribose and deoxyribose. Fructose is considered as the sweetest sugar and can be found in fruits. Combining this monosaccharide, we can form another kind of sugar which will then result to disaccharides, another type of carbohydrates. Disaccharides can be found in table sugar; the combination of glucose and fructose called sucrose, and another example is the milk sugar; the combination of glucose and galactose called lactose.
There are also chains of monosaccharide that can be form and we call it polysaccharides. This type of carbohydrates serves as the storage form of carbohydrates in plants like rice, wheat, corn, potatoes and etc. In the process of digestion, these chains are broken into individual glucose molecules which can be absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the cells for use in respiration.
The carbohydrates that are present in our body provided us energy. We are able to progress each day because of the help of these molecules. Therefore, carbohydrates serves a great role in our lives.


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