Could you take the 12 week no Alcohol challenge? I did.

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Acohol has been with us for centuries. It has some benefits to health but so many more negative impacts on our health. Could you give up alcohol for 12 weeks?

Could you take the 12 week no Alcohol callenge? I did.

Can you take the 12 week no Alcohol challenge? I did.

Alcohol and drinking alcohol has been with us for thousands of years. Alcohol is prevalent in religions for ceremonies. Alcohol was brewed by Monks in Abbeys. Alcohol is as popular today as it ever was. Whether you like drinking wines or beers or spirits and or fortified wines most of us drink alcohol. Our modern day society still incorporates drinking for different moods and uses.

Celebration. In life if we graduate school or college we have a drink in a public house or a private party. When we get married or have a new baby we drink to celebrate. Even in death we celebrate someone’s life we a sherry or two. In nearly every aspect of celebration we drink alcohol.

Commiseration. In life if we get made redundant from our employment we have a drink to drown our sorrows. If we split up with a partner our friends will rally around us and take us out for a drink of alcohol to help with the loss.

Nervousness. Many people including me have to have a drink of alcohol before they fly as a passenger on an aircraft. Alcohol can steady one’s nerves in many situation and alcohol can give you a feeling of well being.

Pain. Alcohol reduces pain in the body by blocking oxygen to the brain and slowing the electrical impulses that register pain. In days gone by patients were actually operated on by using alcohol as a sedative.

There are many more examples in life when we choose to drink alcohol. My point is that drinking alcohol for what ever reason is part of most of our lives, not all of us but for most of us. The medical profession will tell you how absolutely terrible alcohol is for you. Some of the direct links between alcohol and disease lead to; Obesity, Hypertension, Cancer, High Cholesterol, Blindness, Brain cell destruction, Gout, ulcers, Infertility, and Impotence,

There are positive effects from alcohol the main one is relaxation and the lowering of stress levels in the body. However the medical profession will vary its stance on the positive effects of alcohol almost daily. I have been to see my local hospital several times as I have become middle age. Regardless of the complaint I go to hospital is. The question of alcohol is always brought to the fore in the questions of my general health.

I have even seen the forms the Doctors have to fill in as proof to me that I am not being singled out. During blood test results for many various complaints you may have had, at some point you may be asked to refrain from any alcohol for 12 weeks or approx 3 months. The 12 week period is accepted that any ill effects of alcohol on your blood results should reduce.

I had a weeks stay in hospital for a stomach complaint. When I returned home I decided to take the 12 week challenge. I must add this wasn’t on medical advice for me. I wanted to see how I would get on with absolutely no alcohol for 3 months? I like many people was curious about drinking alcohol as a teenager. I tried my first pint of Lager at 16 years old. To be honest I wasn’t that impressed! The sour Lager wasn’t a pleasant taste for 16 year old taste buds. As I got older I did the whole drinking thing as in night clubbing and socialising whilst drinking.

As I got even older I moved onto drinking white wine and even making wine at home via wine-making kits. Drinking became part of my life much the same as other people of my generation. I would drink on a Friday night with work colleagues and friends. Saturday I may drink whilst out with a meal with my partner. I really didn’t realise how much drinking had become part of my ordinary life.

So on one Sunday evening I decided that’s it for 12 weeks no alcohol what so ever under any circumstances. I wrote the date on the calendar in my kitchen and every Sunday that went by I would add another week to my tally of abstinence.

Association and Triggers. If your considering taking the 12 week no alcohol challenge. You may find that you really do miss drinking alcohol or in fact crave a drink? I haven’t researched this article apart from my personal experiences and opinions of doctors I have seen. Now Association is a major stumbling block to temp you back into drinking within your 12 weeks. Do you go to the pub at weekends say Saturday night? If you do you are of course testing your will power. Your partner may say to you,

“Awe go on have a drink it will cheer you up”

Or any friends you know may offer to buy you a drink too. If you are serious about the 12 week challenge my advice is to avoid pubs all together. Its not just socialising that can be tempting you to break your 12 week challenge. You may find a trigger could be watching a great movie on TV? Do you normally have a glass of wine whilst watching a movie or a can of beer? Perhaps its meals that is your trigger? So many people will have a bottle of wine or two with their Sunday roast dinner.
How about you have a really awful day at work. You may see a pub on the way home and feel a pint or a glass of wine would just hit the spot now to lift your spirits.

Willpower. This is the tool you must have in your toolbox else you’re doomed to fail the 12 week challenge. If your experience will be anything like mine you will not want reminders from people saying,

“Oh you’re not drinking at the moment, good for you I couldn’t do it”

Or even someone saying,

“Oh right so you’re not drinking at all for 3 months. Right I see you have a drink problem then? Have you been told to lay off the booze?”

Keep you 12 week challenge to yourself. You may want to lose weight and alcohol is very high in calories indeed. Two pints of Cider for instance is half your recommended daily calorie intake! For what ever reason you fancy a break from drinking alcohol, 12 weeks seems to be a bench mark for medical purposes.

Conclusion. For me I lost 4lbs in weight which was hardly anything over 12 weeks. I did however save money by not drinking at weekends. I saved enough money to give my car a quick make over with new lights all round. Maybe you should just reset your alcohol intake every now and again. Can you remember the last week or two weeks you didn’t drink alcohol? If your answer is no the perhaps the 12 week challenge is for you.

Lord Banks


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author avatar Songbird B
2nd Oct 2011 (#)

This is a really interesting article, and I too, wonder how many people could seriously take up this challenge. Well done, LB! You should be really proud of yourself...What a great share..

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