Counseling Techniques In Stress: The Use Of Behaviour Rehearsal Method In Stress Management

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The background to the symptoms and causes of stress need not be over emphasized. Instead, the counseling techniques, which could assist counselors and therapists who are faced with the task of counseling patients with stress are expantiated.

The Use Of Behavior Rehearsal Method In The Management Of Stress

Jorbes (1979), a humanistic psychologist, formulated the behaviour rehearsal method, her techniques can be summarized as follows:
• Become completely relaxed by doing the relaxed breathing or muscle relaxation
• Write out a script or visualize in your mind the person, place or personality characteristic that normally makes you tense; for example, if you are very rigid and inflexible, write it down.
• Imagine yourself completely calm and in control of the situation.
• Decide how you want to see yourself handling the situation. Beware of what you want to say or do, how the other person might respond and the results you would like to see.
• Have several alternatives if the visualized situation does not go exactly as you expect the imaginary course to take.
• Maintain a feeling of total relaxation in your body as you visualize the scene
• Visualize the scene several times while seeing yourself calm and in control of the situation
• Stop visualizing the scene if you feel yourself becoming tense. Take several deep breaths until you feel completely relaxed.
• Repeat the scene as often as necessary until you can see yourself in the situation without feeling tense.
If at the end of the exercise, you still feel tense, try following alternative exercise;
• Imagine the worst possible thing that could happen
• Experience the complete intensity of the feeling
• As you bring up and experience your worst fears and re-examine them, they will gradually begin to lose their control over you. Realize this!
• Begin to see how ridiculous it is to be dominated by irrational, negative feelings. Start to look for alternatives.

Ability to relax means:
1. The individual will experience better physical health
2. He/she will be able to get along better with people
3. He/she will also be able to do clearer thinking
4. He/she will be less fatigued at the end of the day.

Assessment Of Individual’s Coping Ability With Stress

Each individual is equipped with an elaborate early warning system specifically designated by nature to detect and pre-empt danger. The individual’s five senses are responsible for the early detection of danger. The senses are ‘vision’, ‘hearing’, ‘taste’ and ‘smell’.

The individual’s nervous system decides when an individual should fight, or turn and flee, depending on the gravity of the threatening situation. Various changes which take place in the central nervous system resulting from individual’s body’s response to danger are called emotions- the feelings which dictate to the individual which state of arousal his nervous system has switched into.

Since all humans and animals live in a dangerous, threatening environment, the nervous system is kept busy all the time. While some people are able to adjust to stress better, others are unable to cope with it. This results in the variability to adjust satisfactorily to stress, which leads to patterns of behaviour popularity referred to as ‘neurotic’. Although neurotic behaviour is equated to insecurity, it is true that almost everybody who leads an active physical or intellectual life faces up to the fact that at no times is any environment free of problems.

The management of stress, in this regard, is therefore through the indivudla’s ability to know his or her limitations. Once the coping limit is reached, the individual should be able to either walk away from the problem or find other alternatives, which are less stressful. Participation in other less stressful activities has been used successfully by many therapists, who constantly deal with stressful persons. Many clients have expressed their ability to reduce tensions through physical exercises or through outdoor and indoor games.

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