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Meet someone, it seems as easy as ordering sushi. But meet THE right person, the man with whom we can build something solid, it can be as simple as crossing the Channel swim. With a little preparation, it shows you that it's not rocket science.

Love it prepares to meet the right

Rule number 1: wanting to be a couple for good reason

The quest for the beefcake who share our life must be motivated by good reasons. For this we must reflect on what we want to offer and to share in its future couple.

This implies that removes from the list the following reasons:

-on seeking a man to repair his flush and change the bulb.

-on seeking a man to fill her emotional void and impersonate the ointment when you are depressed ("no it is not lousy with these pajamas", "no one has not grown").

-on seeking a man to fill his evenings "loose" Sunday night.

-on looking for a man to tell her friends that is casée (celibacy is shame).

-on looking for a man to satisfy her whims, wants and desires of the moment (not necessarily as sexual).
Rule # 2: Learn to be happy alone

That happens in your life does not come fill a gap but bring more into your life fulfilled woman. At the risk of disappointing some, happiness does not depend on a man (or risk having sore shoulders).

We start by assuming alone. We live for ourselves and not waiting for the ideal man. By being well in his sneakers that attiredes men who look like us and with whom it is more likely to stick.

To be happy alone, you can enjoy moments of solitude, nothing to us. One should not feel anxious or even less ashamed to spend a totally one evening. These moments of tranquility we savor to indulge in what makes us happy, without constraint, take a warm bath, waxing mustache, go to the movies to see a silent movie, eat her favorite dish with a good film to rose water. Regardless of the activity, the goal is to realize that we are all alone, you can have fun without necessarily being with someone. This is how we grow our individuality and we learn to love.
Rule number 3: to love as we are

Hard to love someone and be loved if you do not love yourself. So before trying to conquer each other, cultivating self-esteem. You learn to appreciate and say that's a good and full of qualities, despite our shortcomings. You stop being devalued and we send flowers to daily repeating like a mantra talents and successes. If necessary, one sticks post-it on his fridge!
Rule # 4: Learn to be assertive

For fear of judgment or of not being loved, we sometimes tend to satisfy all the desires of his entourage. Problem, by dint of serving and say yes to everything, forget their own desires. Then one says and learn to say no (no it is not a dirty word!) To enforce and impose more. As a couple, we would not like that her beloved has the personality of a spread that says yes to everything. Well for the man is the same, it does not seek a mop woman!
Rule number 4: to refocus on its passions

What we like to do? What activity makes us feel really ourselves so much that we forget what time it is? Things and activities of everyday life that make us feel good and refer to a characteristic of our personality that we want to develop is defined. For example, creativity with making paper cranes. For these occupations and hobbies that make us tick one creates a personal universe. Therefore, the day we meet someone, we preserve a certain independence in pursuing this passion, without risking emotional dependency, toxic to the couple.
Rule number 5: Challenge habits

For a long time we want to test only during this West Coast Swing for fear of being stared at like a wild animal. We would like to try a wine courses but has no one to accompany us? Exit fears, room for improvisation! We dare to try new activities, even aside for once his gym class zen. It is testing new things that one takes pleasure without waiting for the other. As a bonus, we create new opportunities for socializing.
Rule # 6: Be willing to make room for another

If self-love is a prerequisite for a healthy and balanced relationship, one must also know how to accept the other. It requires knowledge clearing his busy schedule (bachelor overbooked) between the girls and the course of macramé.

Open to the other is about taking the time to discover it and do not "blacklist" when it does not fit the criteria of the ideal sum of guy as long as a letter to Santa Claus (he must be beautiful, curious, intelligent, attentive to my needs, but not too muscular, funny, animal lover, protector but macho ... ahem).


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28th Oct 2014 (#)

No one is perfect - it boils down to adjustment, give and take. Life is an investment, and we reap what we sow - siva

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