Crying over spilled milk

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We’ve all had those sorts of days, where from the moment your foot hits the floor, nothing seems to go right. And we’ve all heard it said, “Just go back to bed and start over." Well, easier said than done. Sometimes, you just have to keep moving, even if the moving gets tough. Beware however, whatever move you make next could either trigger the “domino effect” of more of the same, or the reverse in having your best day yet.

Take cover…here comes the domino effect!

What exactly is the domino effect and what causes it to happen? According to Wikipedia, “The domino effect is a chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby, which then causes another similar change, and so on in linear sequence.”
The Domino Theory was created in 1954 during the Eisenhower Administration in reference to South Vietnam. In one of his famous speeches, President Dwight D. Eisenhower stated; “You have a row of dominoes set up; you knock over the first one, and what will happen to the last one is that it will go over very quickly.” Hence, it’s been a theory applied to almost everything in life.
However, the domino effect doesn’t necessarily have to mean something bad will continue to occur, it could mean a series of good events as well. So whether the effect is good or not so good depends on the perceiver. Sometimes, not so good happenings could have prevented you from being on the freeway at the very moment a massive pileup occurred.
It’s not a matter of how much milk gets spilled, its how you clean it up that matters. Once the milk gets spilled, you have a choice; go off into a rage, spit out a curse word or two or just clean it up. By not reacting to the situation, you have a much better chance of not triggering the domino effect of more mishaps to take place; much easier than simply going back to bed. Similarly, by your measures of simply cleaning up the spilled milk without reacting negatively, a domino effect of sorts could bring about smooth sailing throughout the rest of your day.
Stuff happens, there’s just no getting around it, as no-one is immune to unfortunate occurrences. What you do when stuff happens is something you can control. Reacting negatively, generally brings about more of the same…the domino effect. Being in control of your own emotions creates a more controlled environment, minimizing the negative conclusion. Go easy on yourself and everything around you, by all means, don’t cry over spilled milk.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Jan 2014 (#)

I agree with your points and the analogy. My wife would argue that milk is cruel and as it was spilled it was wasted and the poor cow suffered for nothing. But I realize your points are not about actual milk!

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author avatar K.Kinman
17th Jan 2014 (#)

Thank you Mark, your comment put a smile on my face.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Jan 2014 (#)

Nice analogy. In life one has to have misfortunes to enjoy the good moments! In a similar way, when one leaves home in a huff after a petty quarrel the domino effect can hit the roof and spread like wildfire - siva

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author avatar K.Kinman
17th Jan 2014 (#)

Yes indeed, thank you siva for your comment.

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