Cure Diabetes with Natural Methods of Healing

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Millions of people from all over the world are suffering from diabetes. There are variations in the symptoms and nature of disease but the common feature is the excessive sugar in the blood and it’s passing out in the urine.


The excessive accumulation of sugar in the blood is caused by the malfunctioning of the pancreas. When the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, the body fails to utilize the sugar and create energy from it. In the absence of proper utilization of sugar, the body chemistry gets disturbed and the person begins to develop various physical ailments and disorders. Resultantly, there is frequent urination, excessive tiredness, loss of weight, blurring of vision, general weakness and skin problems in diabetic patients. In chronic cases, hypertension and kidney disorders also develop.

To inject insulin is the only method in traditional medicine to compensate what is not being done by pancreas. The main problem with medical treatment is that the patient has to keep taking injections and other medicines and still the disease is not eliminated.

Natural Methods of Healing

1- Take 4-5 lady fingers and soak over night in half a glass of water. In the morning, take out lady fingers and drink the water empty stomach.
2- Take Reiki Healing Sessions for at least 2-3 months. Reiki stimulates the pancreas to produce an adequate amount of insulin, which is needed by the body.
3- Practice yoga daily for 20- 30 minutes a day for 2-3 months. Yoga helps restore the normal functioning of pancreas and other glands of the endocrine system. When these glands begin to function properly, the body chemistry becomes normal, the individual is fully cured and his health is restored to the normal level.
4- Practice yoga under supervision of an experienced practitioner. Don’t stop your medical treatment initially. Get your blood sugar level monitored. It will take a few weeks to become your sugar level normal. After that you can stop your treatment with the help of your physician.

Helpful yoga postures

Given below is a list of yoga postures, which help regulate your sugar level.
Surya Namskar Asna, Uttanpada Asna, Bhujanga Asna, Shalabha Asna, Paschimottan Asna, Ardha Vakra Asna, Matsyendra Asna, Sputa Vajra Asna, Dhanur Asna and Shava Asna. Please remember to practice yoga under supervision.


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