Cure Headache with Yoga

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Headache is a commonly reported problem affecting people from all walks of life and all age groups including children. Headache is so common amongst the working class that they always carry pain killers with them and some of these people take a few tablets daily.


People suffer various types of headaches. Some suffer from headaches for years in a constant way. Some are attacked by headache at certain time of the day frequently. In some cases, people experience pain in half of the forehead. This chronic type of a headache is known as migraine headache.


Headache will occur when the nervous system of the individual is strained. This stress or strain could be internal or external.

Internal factors could be

• High blood pressure
• Low blood pressure
• Dehydration
• Gastric trouble
• Constipation
• Wind problems
• Indigestion
• Sinus
• Eye pain
• Excessive smoking
• Excessive intake of tea/coffee
• Intake of alcoholic drinks
• Lack of proper rest/sleep
• Anxiety/tension

External factors may involve

• Relationship problems
• Work related issues/stress
• Over work
• Financial problems
• Too much traveling
• Too much reading at stretch
• Environmental pollution/noise pollution


Whatever the cause of a headache is and whatever the type of a headache one is suffering through, it is curable with certain changes and practicing yoga. People suffering from a headache:
• Should not take more than two cups of tea or coffee in a day
• Should cut down or completely stop smoking
• Alcoholic drinks should be stopped
• Should eat fruits and fresh vegetables
• Should drink 10-15 glasses of water a day
• Should sleep 6-8 hours a day
• Should learn to manage unpleasant feelings and emotions
• Should practice following yoga postures daily

Yoga Asnas ( Postures)

1- Suryanamaskar Asna (The Sun Salutation)
2- Bhujanga Asna ( Cobra Position)
3- Jalandhar Bandha (Chin Lock)
4- Rechaka PurkaPranayama (Breathing)
5- Shitali Pranayama ( Cooling Breath)
6- Shava Asna ( Corpse Position)

Benefits of Yoga

It has a great energetic, soothing, relaxing and cooling effect on all the nerve channels and on the whole body. Practicing these postures for 20 to 30 minutes a day will help you get rid of headache permanently. Remember to practice yoga under supervision of an experienced yoga practitioner.


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