Curry Leaf for Diabetes

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Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani medical systems recommend curry leaf for many diseases. The mere presence of curry leaves ensures dishes with authentic flavor and a delicious taste that evokes nostalgia.

Curry Leaf for Diabetes

Curry leaf (Botanical name Murraya koenigi) is an aromatic herb of South India which has many herbal medicinal properties. It is an inevitable ingredient of South Indian cooking, spicing up cuisine in a myriad of ways, and is also most prominently used in Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani medical systems. The mere presence of curry leaves ensures dishes with authentic flavor and a delicious taste that evokes nostalgia.

A dozen health benefits of curry leavesAll the parts of the curry plant, i.e. leaves, bark and the root, are used in Ayurveda medicine as tonic, stimulant and antiflatulent. The green leaves of curry plant are packed with minerals, vitamins A, B, C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, nicotinic acid, proteins and amino acids.

1) Prevents diabetes
Diabetes is the threatening disease of modern life. To prevent diabetes of a hereditary origin, just eat 10 fresh and fully grown curry leaves every morning for three months.

2) Controls obesity
Obesity is another curse of the modern lifestyle. Curry leaf helps in weight reduction and is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes due to obesity. The diabetic patient stops passing sugar in the urine as weight reduces.

3) Helps good digestion
The spicy leaves of curry plant improve the quality of digestive juices secreted during digestion. Using curry leaves with food strengthens the functions of stomach and promotes digestion. The curry leaves, ground to a fine paste and mixed with buttermilk, can also be taken in empty stomach with beneficial results in case of stomach upsets. It also solves disorders of fatty-food consumption. Buttermilk enriched with the paste of curry leaves, common salt and cumin seed powder is recommended for all digestion disorders.

4) Mild laxative for constipation
Curry leaf with finely chopped ginger is good for stomach disorders due to constipation. It can also be used as a mild laxative.

5) Diarrhea cured
Curry leaf also helps to control Diarrhea, and other stomach problems Tender curry leaves are useful for diarrhea, dysentery and piles. They can be taken, mixed with honey.

6) Stops premature graying of hair
All parts of curry plant help to prevent premature hair graying through application of the volatile oil obtained after steaming distillation. Curry leaf is also used in preparing perfumes. It is stated that curry leaf mixed oil can prevent premature aging of gray hair by nourishing the hair roots.

7) For nausea and vomiting
Nausea and dry vomiting can be controlled by drinking the mixture of curry leaf juice, lime juice and honey or sugar crystals. It is an effective medicine in the treatment of morning sickness.

8) Anemia solved
The high iron content in the curry leaves cures anemia. It has also been proved to be effective in stimulating appetite in poor eaters. Just sniff a dish where crisply roasted and lightly crushed curry leaves have been added and you will know the tantalizing aroma of curry leaves.

9) Excellent hair tonic
The curry leaves, boiled in coconut oil till they are reduced to a blackened residue, yield an excellent hair tonic to stimulate hair growth, to avoid dandruff and to retain the natural pigmentation. This hair tonic is used as a cosmetic.

10) Root of curry plant for kidney

The root of the curry plant also has many medicinal properties. The paste of the root can be taken to relieve pain associated with the kidney.

11) For burns and bruises

Curry leaves can be effectively used to treat burns, bruises and skin eruptions by applying curry leaf as a poultice over the affected areas.

12) For insect stings and bites

A paste of fresh curry leaves boiled in milk is used to combat poisonous bites of insects and animals. External application of the juice of curry plant fruits or berries, mixed with equal proportion of lime-juice, is an effective cure for insect stings and bites of poisonous creatures.


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author avatar christopheranton
21st Feb 2011 (#)

I,ll have to try some of that.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Feb 2011 (#)

super great tips for uses of Curry leaves.

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author avatar tootsieharveystories
22nd Feb 2011 (#)

Interesting info.

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author avatar Emgee
22nd Feb 2011 (#)

Is the same plant that they use to make curry; yellow ginger, or tumeric?

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author avatar vpaulose
22nd Feb 2011 (#)

yellow ginger and turmeric are different.

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author avatar sungrace
21st Mar 2011 (#)

Nice, useful article. You touched every aspect of this wonderful aromatic herb. Thank you.

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author avatar vpaulose
21st Mar 2011 (#)

Thank you Netto. Kariveppilai is a real boon.

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author avatar sungrace
22nd Mar 2011 (#)

Of course! But nobody know the goodness or do not recognize the
boon. 'Muttathe mullacku manamilla!!'

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author avatar Shakil
21st Mar 2012 (#)


I've about that it help for daibatic patient now i belive on that, its been mentioned that daibatic patient should eat for three months but i heard that they can eat for good is that rihgt.

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author avatar JULIET
22nd Dec 2012 (#)

This is so true. I tried it and it really worked. I used it for my hair

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author avatar Manshi
5th Jun 2013 (#)

these are just fantastic tips...................i will use it for my father

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author avatar peachpurple
1st Sep 2015 (#)

wow, so many benefits. recently I had been adding curry leaves in my fried chicken, chopped and add as marinade

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