Dairy Products and Immunity

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Dairy products play a vital role of boosting the immune system. The consumption of fermented diary products is associated with lower risk of common respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. On the contrary, dairy can damage the immune system in case of allergic reaction. It is advisable to consult your doctor regarding any effect a dairy can have on your immune system.


Nutrition has a great impact on the strength of your immune system and the ability to safeguard your health and to fight infections. Dairy plays a big role in the human diet by providing a rich source of calcium, protein, and other nutrients. You can build a very strong immune system by eating fermented dairy products. However, in case you have allergies, dairy can damage your immune system. It is advisable to consult your doctor regarding any effect a dairy can have on your immune system.


Dairy is composed of a wide variety of foodstuffs coming from cow’s milk. These foods include skim milk, whole milk, butter, low-fat milk, cottage cheese, ice cream, sour milk, and yogurt. Other dairy products are milk proteins like casein that is used in the production of processed foods. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, eggs are not dairy products, simply because they do not come from cows, but chickens.

The Immune System

The immune system protects the body against foreign substances and other microorganisms, like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Pathological organisms and foreign substances commonly enter the body through the digestive track. Foreign substances, like certain proteins, have antigens that activate white blood cells to attack the antigen. In response to these antigens, the body releases antibodies, phagocytes, and lymphocytes to protect the body from the damage that may be caused by these foreign substances.

Fermented Dairy Products

Consuming fermented dairy products improve the immune system and protects the body against respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. Scientists have found that consuming fermented dairy products having Lactobacillus can lower the risk of common respiratory and gastrointestinal infections in shift workers. The scientists account that the risk of infections in shift workers are usually higher than the general population. These results show that fermented dairy improves the immune system of the body, even when you have stress.

Dairy Allergies

Allergy to dairy products is among the most common food allergies. These allergies can cause many health problems. Allergy is defined as the immune response to a substance that can cause inflammation or tissue damage in the body parts. However, substances in many allergies, including dairy and milk, are not usually harmful. The body’s reaction causes most problems. Dairy and milk allergy can cause ear infection in kids, heartburn, inflammation of the sinus, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, constipation, irritability, and anxiety. The symptoms of this allergy normally show up hours or days after the consumption of these foods. Even though Lactose intolerance has similar symptoms, it is not a milk and dairy allergy.


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