Dance Your Way to Fitness Through Zumba

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Millions of people are dancing to get in shape through Zumba classes. Find out how you can join them and have fun while getting exercise.

How Zumba Began

People twirl, spin and clap their way into shape during Zumba classes, one of today's hottest exercise trends.
Zumba is a Spanish slang word meaning move fast or buzz like a bee, according to Web Md. Zumba uses dance and aerobics moves set to a Latin beat.
This worldwide exercise craze began by accident when Alberto "Beto" Perez forgot his regular aerobics tapes and substituted his own salsa and meringue tapes while teaching an aerobics class in his native Colombia. He eventually moved to Miami and teamed up with two Albertos: Alberto Aghion and Alberto Perlman. The trio developed Zumba DVDs and workshops beginning in the early 2000s. Zumba grew in popularity. Today, an estimated 4 million people do Zumba in 40 countries across the globe, according to Web Md.

The Basics of Zumba

Zumba uses a series of dance steps along with some other exercise techniques borrowed from aerobics and kickboxing. Dancers often do the grapevine, an aerobics step which involves crossing the legs behind as they move across the floor. Another basic aerobics move used in Zumba is the V step, where dancers step their feet out wide and then put them together in the shape of a V. Side kicks borrowed from kickboxing are another popular Zumba technique.
Zumba also uses some belly dance moves. Dancers often shake and twist their upper bodies to the Latin beat. This move alone may whittle an inch or two from their waists.
Dancers often kick out their heels from side to side in a move similar to Irish step dancing. This is a fast move designed to get the dancers' hearts pumping.
All Zumba moves can be modified for a lower impact. For example, beginners may want to keep their heels on the floor the first time they try the Irish step dancing move.

Tips for Safe and Fun Zumba Classes

Zumba has no age limit. Children, teens, senior citizens and every age in between have done Zumba successfully.
Dancers do not need any formal dance training. Most Zumba dances involve three or four different moves repeated several times during the song. That way, people can pick up the moves as they go along.
Wear comfortable running shoes, walking shoes or sneakers. Bring a bottle of water with you. Sip some water during breaks.
Don't stand too close to other people. Dancers need some space to move around.
Anyone new to exercising should get permission from his or her doctor before starting Zumba classes. However, most people who have already been exercising should be able to handle Zumba classes without any problems.
Most of all, have fun. Remember to stay on beat . See you at the gym.

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Not bad, you covered the major points and warnings.

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I've been working on a similar article about Jazzercise. Maybe you will finally motivate me to get it done!

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That sounds like a great topic, Phyl. I look forward to reading it.

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