Dangers Of Drinking Soft Drinks

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An overview of the dangers of drinking soft drinks

Dangers Of Drinking Soft Drinks

Who does not like to drink carbonated soft drinks (carbonated)? .This drink while in the hot sun, it feels very refreshing. Find it too easy to drink: available at a kiosk selling cigarettes, restaurant, up to the cafe. But you know what the dangers of this kind of soft drinks when consumed in excess?

The researchers say that those who consumed at least two carbonated soft drinks per week 87 percent greater risk of experiencing deadly pancreatic cancer than those who avoid soda.

Let us listen to the scientific facts of the dangers of soft drinks following:
One can in equal 10 tablespoons of sugar is enough to destroy the Vitamin B, Vitamin B deficiency which would result in poor digestion, poor health, strained nerves, headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety and convulsive muscle

Contains CO2 which causes the stomach can not produce an enzyme that is essential for the digestive process, this is the case if consumed with meals, or after. Also led to the removal of the function of digestive enzymes produced by the stomach, the digestive process and the subsequent tergganggunya making food juices.
Contain caffeine which cause increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, blood sugar, increased gastric acidity, the increase of hormones in the blood which can sometimes cause inflammation and injury to the stomach and duodenum. As he increased the pressure on the bottom line utterly rejected foods that cause food and acid from the stomach into the throat (line feed), that this can cause pain and inflammation.

Contain phosphoric acid that causes brittle bones and weak, especially in the age of growth, where it makes a lot of cracks in the bone.
Compounds containing phosphoric acid, and carbonic malik tergerogotinya protective layer that causes tooth.

Contain artificial chemicals that can damage the brain, and causes gradual memory loss, and damage to liver function.
Pour a can of Coca Cola in place of the toilet, then let stand for one hour, then pull the sponge, then we will see that all the dark patches that have been lost, this is because the acidic compounds has eliminated the crust with a strong reaction.

To remove rust that exists in most of our vehicles or on a rusty nail, then rub the part you want to clean with a cloth moistened with Coca Cola, the Coca Cola will react well to clean it.

To clean corrosion from the battery plate, insert the connector plates into a can of Coca Cola, and observe gas bubbles that appear, as a result of cleaning the rust reaction.
To remove oil stains from clothes, mix a can of Coca Cola to the detergent, and note the loss of the oil stains.

The degree of acidity (pH) in soft drinks such as Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola reached 3-4 (very acidic), which the pH is, enough to shed the teeth and bones over time. Our human body stops building bone after age 30 years, and began to yield the percentage of 8-18% per year according to the degree that we consume acidity (acidity percentage is not based in the taste of food, but the percentage content of potassium, chlorine, magnesium and compounds other phosphorus).
Solution of calcium will precipitate ditenggorokan, skin cells, and vital members of the body that can affect kidney function and cause kidney stones.
Carbonated beverages do not have benefits for the body, and even contains excessive salt and sugar, in addition to preservatives and dyes.

Some people prefer a fizzy cold drink after a meal. This behavior affects the digestive enzymes, which lowered the temperature of body heat, so that digestive enzymes lose their ability to work out where the normal body temperature is the temperature corresponding to the work function of these enzymes. Thus these enzymes can not digest food properly which can lead to soda, and some toxic substances move along the blood to body cells, and sometimes in the end make a variety of diseases.
Actually we ingest CO2, if we consume soft drinks.

Remember us to a race “Who is the most widely of Pepsi Cola” at the University of New Delhi, India. Who won the race had been drinking 8 cans that eventually died in the same place because of the high CO2 gas in the blood, resulting in the inability to get O2 in normal blood. As a result of the race, the rector of the university banned the sale of carbonated water in the campus.

Never been tested by placing a broken tooth into a glass of Pepsi Cola, and several days of the tooth was already late. The teeth and bones are part of the body most recently unraveled after the death in a few years, but this carbonated water dissolving it in a few days, then imagine what he might do to the soft cells in the human body?


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