Dangers of Abortion

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Whether or not having abortion is morally correct is not the issue here. The choice is all yours on what you decide.

Dangers of Abortion

Dangers of Abortion

Abortion is the premeditated killing of an innocent and unborn human being. Unborn babies are being aborted throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Approximately, 1.2 million of abortion are done every year and has become the most frequently surgical procedure.

Let us widen our imagination and think how abortion is done. There are different types of abortion. One of the most common types is the First Trimester Abortion. About 90% of the abortions are done in the first trimester (13 weeks) of pregnancy. Common used method is Suction Aspiration, a hollow tube connected a powerful machine is pushed through the mother’s dilated cervix into the womb, and the child’s body is torn into pieces and sucked out. Some uses abortion pills also that are commonly used during the first weeks of pregnancy.

The Second Trimester Abortion is made killing and removing the babies from 13-26 weeks of age. When the bodies are larger ad the bones are harder, the D&E (Dilation and Evacuation) Procedure is used. After widely dilating the mother’s cervix, the abortionist reaches in a forceps and wrenches off part of the baby’s body, usually an arm or leg. This is continued until the entire body has been dismembered and pulled out. Bleeding throughout the procedure is plentiful.

Partial Abortion is a type that is especially notorious and has banned on many countries. With this type, the live, late-term unborn child is delivered from the mother’s body with the feet first, until all that remain in here body is the baby’s head. The skull is then punctured with a surgical scissors and the brains are suctioned out.

Different types of dangers wait for the mother after through an abortion. First and foremost is the health of the mother. We all know that it is fatal to the unborn child and injurious to the mother also. Immediate risk includes infection, perforated uterus, and uncontrolled bleeding which could lead to sterility and even death. Abortion too increases the risk of break cancer, cervical cancer, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, premature birth and infertility.

Mental and emotional factors like grief, egret of aborting the baby, shame, guilt and sense of worthlessness may affect the mother. Also occurring are insomnia, nightmares, exhaustion, nervousness and the worst effect is severe depression that leads to suicide attempt.

Unwanted pregnancy is one reason why a woman needs for Abortion. We should think that they too have life though other places and states promote legality with Abortion. We should think that it is risky to the mother’s health also. Whether or not having abortion is morally correct is not the issue here. The choice is all yours on what you decide.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
22nd Sep 2010 (#)

Of course it is also important to note that most problems happen to women in areas where abortion is illegal, women are ALWAYS going to have abortions so its better that they be legal and safe. Also many women die because they couldnt have an abortion, often leaving other kids behind as a result.

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author avatar LOVERME
23rd Sep 2010 (#)

when women don't take precautions
they suffer
men love it bare
then they don't damn care
so as abortion is dangerous all women must carry condoms
for use at random

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