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"After all the hassles and inconvenience that dreadful night brought my colleagues and me, we found ourselves in the best havens of our home."

-ought to quote this line after being stranded for 10 hours waiting for a sea trip to the mainland

"Dumagsa" : Take me to Another Place

I am a teacher assigned in an island 20 minutes from the City of Lapu-Lapu which I travel everyday for the past 10 months. There were times where I feel tired and unhappy traveling by an outrigger or motorized boat which is mainly made of bamboo trunks. With a maximum capacity of 20 passengers (some other boats have a maximum load of 50 passengers), my fellow workers and some islanders were in a hurry to get in the boat even if it means overloading it. I did not just experience it once, twice or thrice but even more and maybe, most of the time. There were moments where I felt scared and nervous during our trip because of the big waves, raging storms and unsteady rocking of the boat.

Of course, there were also happy memories during my ride - the rare sightings of dolphins coming out from the calm water, the emerald sea, the islander folks chitchatting about their islander life and the boatmen who are too willing to aid you especially when you need to cross the wooden plank to get to the wharf.

The opportunity to teach in an island school is overwhelming but the reality bites - the city girl needs to go back to the city even it means risking a day to travel in a rough sea.

Fast-forward: It was one unexpected time when the easterly wind had gone wild canceling all sea trips back to the mainland. We slept on the ticket area at the sea port while begging for the ship which transports heavy trucks and equipment only. Gladly, the kind captain agreed to take us back to the mainland but we need to wait until the tide gets high and after unloading and loading of the equipment. After being stranded and staying for 10 hours, we finally found ourselves back in the comforts of our home.

Post-Stranded Moments at Cafe Elora

We arrived at 4:30 in the morning while we needed to catch up for our work later at 9:00 back in the island which meant we didn't have enough time to sleep. But as our minds thought of not sleeping, our body gave way and embraced the idea of dozing off.

As for me, I woke up at 8:35 in the morning so I never had the time to catch up for work. I decided to go to school anyway even if I was so late (I arrived at 12:42). Still feeling so sleepy, I logged out earlier than the usual 6:10 PM log out (logged out at 5:20).

However, the idea of going home didn't register in my mind yet; instead, I headed straight in a cafe where I live nearby. Cafe Elora, translated in Hebrew means "God is light". It is a petite cafe with cute accents of sakura lights matched with their light rattan fiber in white and brown.

Coffee or Not Coffee?

Coffee shops are mushrooming around the vicinity. A contemporary trend adapted by the Filipinos from the Koreans or maybe, Americans. These adorable shops are so comfortable to pass time by and to enjoy free wireless connection plus a good venue to study one's homework or notes.

I came in to the cafe in uniform and in a stressful manner, making the barista hesitant to approach me. He asked me kindly though in an English language which I replied back. I asked him if I could have a frappe and thus, opted for a Vanilla Cheesecake. I was about to pay but he told me that I could pay later. We had short conversation and finally asked for a wifi-password.

I then started editing the other article while taking note of the people coming in and out in the cafe. There was a business man endorsing a business proposal at the right ( I could hear him saying something about Vitamin C and best product in the market today), teenage girls and a boy still in uniform hastily getting inside the cafe and staying near the counter, and a man talking to a friend through Skype. While I was there sitting, and writing and just de-stressing myself from the previous stranded experience.

The Cafe I am Most Thankful With

After seeping my cold coffee drink (I tasted vanilla the most than cheesecake), I called my brother to fetch me and drove back home. The day after, I came looking for my laptop cover with all important papers on it but I found it to no avail. I was so worried that I could not concentrate on my work thinking where I left it. Finally, I asked my brother to ask the cafe attendant and luckily, they kept the cover with all documents intact.

This cafe made me want to go back there again and again because the attendants are trustworthy and accommodating. It will serve as my hang-out place whenever I want to relieve my stress from the hassles of whichever kind.


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