Deadly Diseases Without Cure !

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It is really a sad time now to witness so many diseases being introduced all over the world without any medicine to cure those.

More Funds to Defense

All the countries in this world are giving more importance to building up their defense sectors. It is really horrifying to see mass destructive weapons are being manufactured to kill human beings. It is not only the defense people, but also the terrorists are using these destructive weapons to achieve their target now. Though there are much more important issues like health problems to address all over the world, men in power doesn't just seem to understand this and think only on one line in
building up their arms strength which is really bad and might just be the reason for destroying mankind itself. Are we destroying mother earth by ourselves now? don't you think world is really moving towards self destruction now? unless these powerful people all over the world realize this and come to a conclusion of abandoning these weapons, it will be really dangerous period for all of us living in this beautiful mothers earth. We got to save this god's world by doing good things and not doing opposite things here.

Priority to Health

If people in power start giving importance to health sectors, there will be cure for many deadly diseases that have attacked all over the world now. To find cure to such diseases, government should take more interest to those and start funding more instead of wasting in building up defense sectors which is dangerous to mankind itself. We have already lost our near and dear one's due to these deadly diseases which has no cure at all. Isn't it really sad to see someone being diagnosed with such deadly disease undergoing painful final day's after he/she comes to know about the disease they have got which has no cure ! this is merely torture to live life like that. Where there is a will, there is a way and hence it is high time people raise this issue which is growing alarmingly without anyone's notice and cure can be found to any kind of disease if proper priority, funding and interest is taken into getting proper medicines for those. Once scientists are given all the encouragement needed, they will be definitely determined to get the solution at the earliest. WE can just hope things will turn out for good for us as we thought and future will be bright for all of us living in this beautiful world

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